Press Source: Communications of the ACM (Opinion Piece)

Epic versus Apple and the future of app stores

"Apple's decision to lower the tariff to 15% for smaller developers is a recognition it probably has charged too much ... "

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Press Source: WBUR | OnPoint | The Prime Effect (Audio)

Inside the rise of Amazon Web Services

"...most of the activity we see in antitrust and the thrashing of's really around the Internet players and social media."

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Press Source: Deutsche Welle (Germany) (Video)

'Apple has the strongest case' in court battle with Epic

Michael Cusumano looks at the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. The bone of contention: Apple's App Store.

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Press Source: The Washington Post

U.S. vs. Facebook: Inside the tech giant's behind-the-scenes campaign to...

“The case turned Microsoft into a more cautious company....I expect the same is already happening with Facebook...”

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