Press Source: Financial Times

Aggregate ESG confusion

A new paper highlights just how tricky it is to come up with an objective, rigorous ESG investing framework.

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal

15 ways consumers can deal with–and even benefit from–rising inflation

"Investors should purchase stocks from established companies—such as supermarkets—whose revenues are indexed to the inflation rate."

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Press Source: Businessworld (India)

Fifty-fifty: Purchasing power parity and the Big Mac index

"The Big Mac Index from The Economist is probably the simplest statistic ever created. Sadly, for the World Bank, it is just as good as the PPP.”

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Press Source: Financial Times (Subscription Required)

Boom in ESG ratings leaves trail of confusion

The lack of standardization on ESG scoring "makes it difficult to evaluate the ESG performance of companies, funds and portfolios."

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