Press Source: Quartz

Even competition is bad for consumers when the prize is monopoly

"Large, superstar firms have really long lasting power. This gives them room for what we call collusive competition or implicit collusion."

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Press Source: Bloomberg | Opinion

Layoffs often leave companies worse off

Prof. of the Practice Zeynep Ton's research shows, among other things, the perils of being too lean.

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Press Source: Bloomberg | Opinion

Technology needs more humanity

"There is nothing automatic about new technologies bringing widespread prosperity."

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Press Source: Poets & Quants

Sloan Fellows: An elite mid-career degree at 3 world class B-schools

"Sloan Fellows have very little core coursework, so that they can design and craft their own curriculum based on what they are interested in."

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Press Source: WalletHub

2023's states with the highest job resignation rates

"Given the current labor market, people feel they can find other jobs which have better conditions and are willing to take the risk of leaving."

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Press Source: The Economist

Could Europe end up with a worse inflation problem than America?

Real wages typically take a hit before recovering to their old level. America appears to be making progress, the old continent remains behind.

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Press Source: Wired

Quantum startups' stock market dreams are decohering

"All SPACs aren't bad, but a lot of them were bad because they should never have been public to begin with."

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Press Source: Bloomberg

Rebranding RTO: Why companies coin names for their hybrid-work plans

Names can reduce the historical stigma of "flex work" arrangements, typically associated with mothers and often viewed as a career-limiting move.

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Press Source: Grid

Breakthrough patents and science discoveries are happening less often

Private funding of research that allows for longer-term research agendas might help scientists make more groundbreaking discoveries.

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Press Source: Banker & Tradesman (Opinion Piece)

A vision for 2023: Offering others a seat at the table

"Greater diversity and inclusion is good for the bottom line and good business."

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