Press Source: Retina (Spain)

The end of greed. Spanish companies align themselves with the positive i...

"Companies must step up to create socially and environmentally responsible investments, reduce their carbon footprint, oppose discrimination ..."

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Press Source: NPR | Morning Edition

People disagree about the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence

Are boomers or doomers more likely to be right in their AI predictions?

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Press Source: WBUR

Women's sports coverage reaches new heights, but has a long way to go

"We are making progress with the amount of coverage that women's sports are receiving but 15% is still so low in the bigger scheme of things."

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Press Source: Fortune | On Demand

CFO Collaborative Boston Dinner: What will the CFO role look like in 202...

Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, MIT; Inaugural Visiting Fellow, Technology and Society, Google

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Press Source: The Economist

Into the upside down

"Units with high turnover have worse customer satisfaction, worse execution and costs are much bigger."

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Press Source: MarketWatch

Many couples make this huge mistake with their 401(k)s

One in four married couples aren't taking full advantage of the 401(k) matching contributions their employers offer.

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Press Source: Information Age

New MIT framework helps firms determine quantum value

"We need to consider the speed of the computer versus the route."

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Press Source: Expansión

Why eliminating the Central Bank is not the solution for Argentina?

"Dollarizing with a shortage of dollars stinks. The country must primarily address its chronic fiscal problem.

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Press Source: Reuters

US wraps up antitrust case against Google in historic trial

"When there's not a competitive threat, they're not making that investment. And quality is lower."

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Press Source: The Economist

What will artificial intelligence mean for your pay?

An AI assistant rolled out this year lifted the productivity of customer-support agents by 35%.

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