Press Source: The New York Times

The White House says its plans will slow inflation. The big question is:...

… this is the wrong moment to hit the economy with any added juice. … “We certainly don't have a lot of spare workers today.”

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Press Source: National Geographic Magazine (Registration Required)

Europe burns a controversial 'renewable' energy source: Trees from the U...

... cutting down trees to burn them would be worse for climate over the next few decades.

Faculty: John D. Sterman
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Press Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

Climate change vs. The Sino-American cold war

"For the world to meet even a 2°C target requires collaboration between the United States and China."

Faculty: Daron Acemoglu
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Press Source: BFM (Malaysia) | The Breakfast Grille (Podcast)

ASB strives to build smart and sharp leaders

Professor Charles Fine … talks about how the school has weathered the pandemic and where the future lies in executive education.

Faculty: Charles Fine
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Press Source: ForeignAffairs (New Zealand) (Video)

ECB conference on money markets: Keynote address – central bank digital ...

Prof. Haoxiang Zhu gave the keynote address for the ECB Conference on money markets. (1:22)

Faculty: Haoxiang Zhu
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Press Source: Fast Company

4 simple indicators your employees are happy (for real)

“ … increasing employees' say in when, where, and how they do their work ... improved well-being and reduced turnover, reducing costs ... "

Faculty: Erin Kelly
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Press Source: MarketWatch

Yes, you can create a perfect portfolio. Here's how.

How might you go about creating a perfect portfolio? A good place to start is a new book co-authored by Andrew Lo ...

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Press Source: VentureBeat (Opinion Piece)

Curbing computing's environmental footprint requires efficient algorithm...

"As computing applications become more complex and data sets grow, the environmental impact of computing is escalating."

Staff: Neil Thompson
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