Press Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

Are Russian oil prices being rigged?

"Some people involved in trading Russian oil may be lying to data providers, officials, and the broader market about transaction prices."

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Press Source: South China Morning Post

Zero-Covid made China 'less attractive' to foreign talent. Can it restor...

"I would argue that the US is stepping up its investments in science and technology and that the edge of China is likely to go down."

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Press Source: Yahoo Finance (Video)

CHIPS Act 'an incredibly important place to start,' tech expert says

Neil Thompson joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the challenges that the CHIPS Act may face, U.S.-China relations, and advanced computing.

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Press Source: Fast Company

Don't rely on frictionless interactions if you want business traction

"Good friction is a touch point along the journey to a goal that gives humans the agency and autonomy to improve choice."

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Press Source: The Boston Globe

The remote work conundrum: Employees want it, but is it good for them?

"When remote work is 'replacement' work during regular hours, it results in higher levels of psychological well-being."

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Press Source: The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance (Opinion Piece)

Retail financial innovation and stock market dynamics: The case of targe...

"We show that the rise of TDFs has changed the flow of investor funds across funds and started affecting the prices and returns of stocks."

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Press Source: Financial Times

Pitch perfect: How impact entrepreneurs can wow investors

"You have to understand what they care about and what they invest in and how they trade that off against how much return they're expecting."

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Press Source: Poets & Quants

How Bain is 'furthering' ESG with its new academy – and the help of top ...

"MIT Sloan is engaging faculty from across MIT in this unique collaboration to develop Bain and Company's ESG capabilities broadly."

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Press Source: Financial Times

Why take risk in fixed income?

The thesis of Prof. David Thesmar's study is that IICCs, not Capm outputs, are the right discount rates to use in each category of company.

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal

Stock buybacks aren't bad. They aren't good, either.

"We don't see massive misuse as some people allege. This isn't a rigged game where CEOs are lining their pockets."

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