Press Source: Baringa

The value of low-ego leadership

"While the high-ego version of leadership may deliver some short-term gains, it isn't what's needed to deliver sustained, long-term change."

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Press Source: CNBC

Labor unions, with power and popularity rising, are still trailing in th...

"The demand is there. Whether it can be satisfied under our existing labor laws is the big question and challenge."

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Press Source: Harvard Business Review

How data collaboration platforms can help companies build better AI

"Fine-tuned models deliver a powerful, customized AI experience that dramatically elevates organizational performance."

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Press Source: Bloomberg Tax

Tesla accounting move bolstered disappointing profits report

"They were being quite conservative, actually, because they didn't book the benefit before, and they were very honest about this."

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Press Source: The New Republic

America's rent crisis is getting worse

A study found that the profit landlords earn in poor neighborhoods is twice what they earn in rich neighborhoods.

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Press Source: The Hill

We don't need to repeat the Trump experiment

"To return to the 'all the world's a stage' metaphor, wrecking the climate stage on which all human stories are told is not a wise move."

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Press Source: The Star

Establishing ESG within the Asean framework

"Although there is also growing ESG awareness among Asean consumers, this is to a lesser extent than in North America and Europe."

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Press Source: Time Magazine

The U.S. just took a crucial step toward democratizing AI access

"The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) is an incredibly important first step, but it's just the first step."

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Press Source: The Journalist's Resource

Research: 3 in 4 US adults can discern real political news headlines fro...

"We don’t know why young people are not as well informed as older people, but age is the single most important predictor of knowledge."

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Press Source: Journal of Management Studies

Managing the many hats when serving on the firm's board

"Bridging efforts in the boardroom are targeted at ensuring that all the relevant role identities are duly considered in decision-making."

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