Press Source: ABC News

The year in tech: Space tourism lifts off, NFTs go mainstream and Big Te...

We tend to overestimate how quickly technology can change our lives in the short term and underestimate how much in the long term.

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Press Source: PBS NewsHour (Video)

Why lumber costs fluctuated drastically during the pandemic, and how it ...

"Stock-outs lead to panic orders … And that, of course, makes everything worse, in a kind of vicious cycle, self-reinforcing process.”

Faculty: John D. Sterman
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Press Source: FiveThirtyEight | Hot Takedown (Podcast)

Introducing 'probability' from Man in the Arena

Alessandro Bonatti discusses the use of game theory in professional football in this podcast about Tom Brady and his come-from-behind victories.

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Press Source: Forbes (Opinion Piece)

Why African American financial planners offer the empathy and support th...

" ... by finding shared experiences I am able to explain complex financial concepts, as well as calm fears about [my clients] 'financial life.'"

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Press Source: IEEE Spectrum

2021's top stories about AI

Neil Thompson captured the top spot with a thoughtful feature article about the computational and energy costs of training deep learning systems.

Staff: Neil Thompson
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Press Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Unemployment today cuts deeper and lasts longer, driving rise in income ...

According to a new working paper by Assistant Prof. Lawrence D.W. Schmidt "income risk" is primarily a problem for college-educated people.

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Press Source: HBR IdeaCast (Podcast)

There still aren't enough 'Good Jobs'

Zeynep Ton says that organizations need to start offering better jobs. The 21st century requires a new approach.

Faculty: Zeynep Ton
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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal

Bitcoin's 'one percent' controls lion's share of the cryptocurrency's we...

"Despite having been around for 14 years and the hype it has ratcheted up, it's still the case that it's a very concentrated ecosystem."

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