Press Source: Poets & Quants

The leadership renaissance in executive education: Cutting-edge programs...

Post-covid, leadership classes have become even more popular, with new year-long certificate programs at MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Press Source: The Arts Fuse

Visual arts review: 'TAPPED IN: Moving Hearts and Minds Through Art and ...

Inspired by the work of John Sterman, "Regenerate" showcases a natural bathtub crafted from tree branches and recycled materials.

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Press Source: What Drives You Podcast

How to turn a national chain store and a life around by being kind - and...

James Rhee discusses how clothing company Ashley Stewart went from death to stardom because it became a brand of belonging, not fashion.

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Press Source: Forbes

Forget antitrust, regulate to let tech disrupt itself

"With everything from securities laws and financial market infrastructure to stablecoins, the time to act on crypto regulation is now."

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Press Source: Bloomberg

Google, Facebook should use AI to combat conspiracy theories

Large language models are good at dissuading conspiracy-theory believers because they're armed with facts and patience.

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Press Source: AccountingWEB

CFOs should know when to step up and step back

Senior lecturer Elsbeth Johnson argues that CFOs should be involved right at the start of transformation projects.

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Press Source: Financial Planning

For financial advisors, is AI a job taker or maker?

"To achieve performance that rivals the best human advisors, we need to incorporate selection, evolution, and fitness into the ongoing training."

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Press Source: Inc.

Why you might be hiring engineers too soon

"Routine maintenance becomes difficult without institutional knowledge, which is often lost with a freelancer, contractor, or dev shop."

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Press Source: MarketWatch

'Punishing myself would not help': My credit card was stolen — the theft...

Rather than "release the brakes" by easing the pain of spending, credit cards actually "step on the gas" by anticipating pleasure.

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Press Source: Vox

How to be enough

Not only do we compare ourselves to others, but we can juxtapose our current circumstances with what we could want in the future.

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