Press Source: Harvard Business Review (Opinion Piece)

How business coalitions can have a strong local impact

"Today an increasing number of CEOs are ... partnering with community leaders in a two-way dialogue about change."

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Press Source: Lawfare | ChinaTalk (Podcast)

Global standards: What's the deal?

Prof. Emerita JoAnne Yates and Craig Murphy ... discuss how international standards were established and their impact on China's development.

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Press Source: National Cyber Security News Today

4 ideas for understanding and managing the power of algorithms on social...

Associate Prof. Dean Eckles moderated the "Algorithmic Transparencyā€¯ session at the Social Media Summit at MIT.

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Press Source: The Economic Times (India)

Three game theory principles can create an environment where cooperation...

"Game theory helps us understand why [human] altruism happens. ... It also helps us understand the ways in which we are good."

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Press Source: Marketplace (Audio)

Economics' diversity problem includes socioeconomic diversity

"It's pretty well known ... that economics has a race and gender problem, and that's something we've finally been trying to address as a field."

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Press Source: Financial Times (Opinion. Piece)

We need new savings options to ward off retirement funding crisis

"The financial independence and security of families lie at the heart of a functioning democracy."

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Press Source: MIT Technology Review (Opinion Piece)

The recommender revolution

"Much as steam engines energized the Industrial Age, recommendation engines are the movers digitally driving 21st-century advice worldwide."

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Press Source: Yahoo Finance (Video)

Elon Musk 'is in over his head' with Twitter deal, expert says

"Running Twitter isn't as easy as colonizing Mars or electrifying the automotive industry around the world."

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