Press Source: Medium (Opinion Piece)

Red fathers and blue daughters bridging the political divide

"We created a conversation guide based on social science research with four elements that anyone can use for dialogue on controversial topics."

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Press Source: The Economist

Full-time MBA 2022

MIT Sloan School of Management ranked #1 in the category of "Personal Development/Education Experience" and ranked fifth overall.

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Press Source: MIT Sloan Management Review (Opinion Piece)

The rest of the cybersecurity story

"News stories about cyberattacks usually focus on what happened, with little about the 'how' and almost nothing about the 'why.’"

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Press Source: Australian Financial Review (Opinion Piece)

How to design a simpler and safer retirement system

"the goal of [the] superannuation system should not be maximising a pot of wealth at retirement but generating a sustainable income for life."

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Press Source: The Conversation (Opinion Piece)

Here's how to meet Biden's 2030 climate goals and dramatically cut green...

As climate change unfolds before our eyes, what can the U.S. do to rapidly reduce its share of the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing it?

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Press Source: NPR

Cryptocurrency tech is vulnerable to tampering, a DARPA analysis finds

"You could imagine some of the issues being exploited, eventually. But the community will get better at developing the right solutions."

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Press Source: Resources Radio (Podcast)

The future of energy storage, with Dick Schmalensee

"As we decarbonize the electric power sector … storage plays a potentially huge role ... because it moves generation from one time to another."

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Press Source: Banker & Tradesman (Opinion Piece)

In the affordable housing lottery, being a 'winner' may be a losing prop...

"While escalating costs are certainly troublesome in Boston there are other issues that need to be exposed and addressed."

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