Press Source: Institutional Investor

Andrew Lo: It's possible to measure the impact of impact investing

Andrew Lo and co-author propose a framework for quantifying the impact of impact investing.

Faculty: Andrew W. Lo
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Press Source: WGBH | Basic Black

Kids of color and STEM

Dr. Renee Richardson Gosline discusses STEM/STEAM and getting kids of color interested, into programs, and potential future opportunities.

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Press Source: Ricochet | JobMakers (Podcast)

Bernat Olle gets a visa to improve the world

This week on JobMakers, Host Denzil Mohammed talks with Dr. Bernat Olle (MBA '07), co-founder and CEO of Vedanta Biosciences.

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Press Source: Clear Admit

Real humans of the MIT Sloan MBA class of 2023

Candidates of the MIT Sloan Class of 2023 share their stories and advice.

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Press Source: Fortune

Respect–it's the one thing that can transform your company culture

“Employees rightly walk in the door expecting to be respected—if that's violated it elicits a strong negative reaction and it's universal.”

Faculty: Donald Sull
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Press Source: Marketplace (Audio)

You do want fries with that: Wendy's and Google bet on drive-thru AI

" ... we have been investing more and more in automation, technologies, and that has been associated with much greater inequality."

Faculty: Daron Acemoglu
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Press Source: Knowledge@Wharton

Are teams better than individuals at getting work done?

A new study ... digs into the question of whether it's better for employees to work in teams or alone.

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Press Source: VICE

From soda to blackouts, a global gas crisis is causing havoc

“If I'm thinking about drilling a well and I see the writing on the wall ... I might not want to drill that well."

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