Press Source: The Wall Street Journal | Journal Reports (Opinion Piece)

Five mistakes managers make when introducing AI — and how to fix them

"Getting workers to actually use the technologies will turn out to be just as important as making sure the systems work in the first place."

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Press Source: GBH | Basic Black (Video)

In an epidemic of 'quiet quitting,' employees of color say they can't af...

"I do think it's really incumbent on a good manager to make sure that people are working where and how they're supposed to in a healthy way."

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Press Source: MarketWatch

The long-term-care system is broken. How can we fix it?

"America's elderly and disabled are cared for by a low-wage and poorly trained workforce. Continuing in this way is in no one's in interest."

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Press Source: The Hill (Opinion Piece)

The US is a waning economic superpower. When will policymakers realize i...

"The eventual new and very big kid on the block is, under all but extreme scenarios, China and, after China, India."

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Press Source: PBS NewsHour (Video)

How interest rate hikes impact bonds and stock prices

Profs. Robert Merton and Simon Johnson join PBS economics correspondent Paul Solman to discuss interest rates and investing.

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Piece)

Why do ESG ratings vary so widely – and how can investors make sense of ...

"Investors need to dive deep into the details of the different methodologies of ESG raters when the same company has different ratings."

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Press Source: Brookings Institution (Podcast)

How did pandemic payments affect Americans and the US economy?

"The goal was a pandemic insurance, to make sure that people who were falling through the cracks could pay their bills."

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Press Source: Design Matters with Debbie Millman (Podcast)

David Aaker: Father of modern branding

"If you want to predict the success of a new offering in the marketplace, the most important thing is how different it is."

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