Press Source: Equal Opportunity Today (Opinion Piece)

How to fix a racially biased venture capital model and commit to diversi...

" ... diverse leadership and teams lead to better company performance and female founders return 35 percent more than their male counterparts."

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Press Source: The Economic Times (India)

In the third way to innovation, a great product is just the start – a co...

" ... a great product is just the start — there is a lot more you can do for your customers to get more value from the product."

Faculty: David Robertson
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Press Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

MIT's 'beer game' shows humans are weakest link in supply chains

“The pandemic revealed flaws that were latent all along our globalized supply chains … "

Faculty: John D. Sterman
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Press Source: The Hechinger Report

'We're aides, not maids.' How one high-demand job shows education system...

Prof. Paul Osterman argues for expanding the duties of home health aides.

Faculty: Paul Osterman
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Press Source: Yahoo Finance (Video)

Professor calls for access to Facebook algorithms and data

"We need legislation that brings crowbars to the front door and gives us access to what is going on with the algorithms and the data ... "

Faculty: Sinan Aral
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Press Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

The Bitcoin fountainhead

"With the price of Bitcoin reaching new highs … cryptocurrencies are here to stay. What implications will this have for money and politics?”

Faculty: Daron Acemoglu
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Press Source: MarketWatch

Women are less likely to 'freak out' over their investments than men

“Financial advisors have long advised their clients to stay calm and weather any passing financial storm in their portfolios ... "

Faculty: Andrew W. Lo
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Press Source: YourStory (India)

With right crypto regulations, India could be the next financial hub on ...

"The crypto industry feels very much like the early internet days of the mid '90s. So much to build and so early, and so much opportunity … "

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