Press Source: Boston 25 News

Locals pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II

"I think she's really been such a great symbol of stability and togetherness."

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Press Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Is nuclear power a green solution? Why world tilts toward 'yes.'

Younger environmentalists "haven't already made up their minds about this, that, or the other technology."

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Press Source: Wall Street Journal | Leadership (Opinion Piece)

Why companies need to start sharing more information about cyberattacks

"Increasing the amount and quality of cyberattack reports would be one of the most effective ways to improve cybersecurity."

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Press Source: Insider

The 41 most important VCs in Boston, according to other VCs

"[Founders] ... should have eyes wide open about the obstacles they will face and show us they are the team to get through them."

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Press Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

The end of real social networks

"The algorithms that determine what people see tend to favor sensational, inaccurate, and misleading content."

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Press Source: Medium | Field of the Future Blog (Opinion Piece)

Protect the Flame

"Because our planetary emergency is already so fragile, each of us needs to hold and protect the flame by holding it close to our heart."

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Press Source: Fortune (Opinion Piece)

Why California's new Fast Food Council law is good for business

AB 257 will create pressure on low-paying firms to learn how to manage their businesses and workforce with high-road strategies.

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Press Source: WBUR | Cognoscenti (Opinion Piece)

America's seeing a historic surge in worker organizing. Here's how to su...

"Analysis suggests that businesses can reduce turnover and increase productivity by working with unions to build labor-management relationships."

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