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Source: The Economist

What a hot American economy means for the rest of the world

Recent work by [Prof.] Kristin Forbes...suggests that domestic inflation has become more responsive over time to global factors.

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Source: Harvard Business Review (Opinion Piece)

What digital advertising gets wrong

"The effectiveness of digital ads is wildly oversold."

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Source: Scientific American (Opinion Piece)

Biden channels FDR on STEM policy

"The president’s letter to his new science adviser emphasizes the crucial role science plays in our society."

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Source: Cheddar | Reveals (Video)

Ways to solve the social media crisis

Sinan Aral discusses ways companies can monitor the spread of misinformation online, and how to protect privacy and data on social media.

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Source: GBH News (Audio)

Black and Latino business ownership in Massachusetts lags far behind nat...

“We're an exceptional state. We're a wealthy state. Our numbers should look better than they do.”

Faculty: Malia C Lazu
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Source: MarketWatch (Opinion Piece)

Index funds don't buy IPOs but here's why they should

"Despite...high returns, index funds...almost never bought IPOs at their initial offering price.”

Faculty: Robert C. Pozen
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Source: Boston Business Journal (Opinion Piece) (Subscription Required)

How the pandemic is changing Big Pharma

“...can Big Pharma learn from the lessons of the pandemic and adopt a platform more akin to software development than drug development?”

Faculty: Lou Shipley
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Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

Closing the COVID trust deficit

"Economists have developed an emerging body of evidence that...may also help to improve delivery and increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.”

Faculty: Joseph Doyle
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