Press Source: Wired

What medical researcher training can learn from the 'yellow berets'

"We want randomized controlled trials to come to the world of scientific training and scientific funding."

Faculty: Pierre Azoulay
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Press Source: Associated Press

Do we need humans for that job? Automation booms after COVID

“Many of the jobs that [got] automated ... don't exist anymore, and the workers that used to perform them are now doing lower-skill jobs.”

Faculty: Daron Acemoglu
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Press Source: Poets & Quants for Execs

2021 Best & Brightest EMBAs: Kevin D. Johnson, MIT (Sloan)

"During my time in the MIT Executive MBA, a few of my classmates and I combined to entertain our class with musical duets."

Faculty: Georgia Perakis
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Press Source: Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia (Video)

MIT's Forbes on U.S. jobs report

Kristin Forbes discusses the Fed's policy outlook ahead of the U.S. jobs report.

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Press Source: Engineering (Canada)

AirWorks AI automates line drawings from aerial and satellite images

AirWorks was founded in 2017 by David Morczinek (MBA '18) … an aerospace engineer from the manufacturing side of Airbus.

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Press Source: TechCrunch

Insurify, a 'virtual insurance agent,' raises $100M Series B

Snejina Zacharia (SF ’13) ... was inspired to start the company after she was involved in a minor car accident while getting her MBA at MIT.

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Press Source: GBH | Morning Edition

How will Latinos impact Boston's mayoral race?

“With voter turnout being as low as we see [in] mayor's races in Boston, the Latino community can really become a deciding factor in this race.”

Faculty: Malia C Lazu
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Press Source: Mashable

Fact-checking study finds everyday news readers have a pretty good bulls...

"There's no one thing that solves the problem of false news online … But we're working to add promising approaches to the ... tool kit.”

Faculty: David G. Rand
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