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Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

Waze for viruses

"Just as in the traffic app, by sharing information, you gain access to a better picture of what is going on around you at the moment."

Faculty: Simon Johnson
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Source: The Enterprisers Project (Opinion Piece)

3 ways leaders can build a stronger security culture

COVID-19 gives bad actors new opportunities: Now's the time for executive leadership to focus on security.

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Source: The New York Times

Remdesivir, the first coronavirus drug, gets a price tag

Remdesivir...will be distributed under an unusual agreement with the federal government.

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Source: Marketplace | Morning Report

Which businesses got PPP loans? Probably those that needed them the leas...

[Prof.] Schmidt found the biggest loans went to the professional and technical services sector — lots of remote workers, fewer jobs lost.

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Source: Expansión (Mexico)

Este es el mexicano que desarrolla una vacuna contra el coronavirus

¿Cuándo llegará la vacuna contra el coronavirus? Es la pregunta que todo el mundo se hace, y también la que más escucha el mexicano Andrey Zarur.

Faculty: Andrey Zarur
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Source: BizEd (Opinion Piece)

Think. Act. Reflect.

" the members of every other industry, we've had to disabuse ourselves of the idea that things would 'get back to normal' in a few weeks."

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Source: Inside Big Data (Opinion Piece)

How to produce cleaner data for robust pricing

“...a lot of people are talking about using data to make often- overlooked aspect of data is that it can't always be trusted."

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Source: The Hill (Opinion Piece)

Rebounding from COVID-19: How whole-person health care can guide the way

"..there are inspiring examples of organizations that are transforming health care through trust-based relationships and community partnerships."

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