The Joan and William A. Porter 1967 Center for Management Education

In 1999, well before architectural plans were finalized or MIT Sloan’s needs were fully identified, William A. Porter (1967) and his wife, Joan, announced their gift of $25 million in support of MIT Sloan’s new building. The spirit of their early and visionary commitment to this project is embodied in the Joan and William A. Porter 1967 Center for Management Education. Comprising the western wing of E62 and looking out over the Charles River, the Porter Center for Management Education houses many of the new building’s most important features and functions including public spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, study rooms, and faculty offices. The features within the Porter Center for Management Education emphasize opportunities for teamwork, discussion, and academic and social interaction.

Bill and Joan Porter at the E-62 groundbreaking in 2007
Bill (1967) and Joan Porter, along with then-Dean Schmalensee and President Hockfield at the groundbreaking for our new building, May 2007

At the time of the groundbreaking for the new building, in 1997, Mr. Porter said: “My wife and I decided to give one major thing that would have significant meaning for humankind, and trying to leverage the Institute’s technological capability through entrepreneurship for the betterment of the human condition is it.” In the coming months, as MIT and the Sloan School make plans to dedicate the new building and welcome alumni and friends to campus, the Porter Center for Management Education will serve as the stage for many events including the gala dinner celebrating all donors to the building, the dedication itself, the Exchange 62: Now & Next colloquium, and many of the festivities taking place during Alumni Weekend.

As our lead donors, Mr. and Mrs. Porter made this new building possible. Their extraordinary generosity toward MIT Sloan serves as an example of the philanthropic spirit that is essential to our continued success. The Porter Center for Management Education is the centerpiece of our building and the heart of our community.

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