Letter From the Dean

Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends,

Since the launch of the MIT Campaign for a Better World, we have witnessed support from our community of alumni and friends grow—an indication of a shared confidence in MIT’s ability to tackle the great challenges of our time.

Photo of David Schmittlein, John C Head III Dean
David Schmittlein
John C Head III Dean

Your generosity has helped ensure that our faculty can research the impact of the digital revolution on jobs, the role of financial engineering in disease treatment, and what it means to pursue sustainable business practices. You have enabled new opportunities including degree programs and courses in financial technology and analytics. And of great importance, your support has led to a dramatic increase in fellowship funding for our students, the next generation of leaders. But our work in these areas is not complete, and cannot be complete, without you.

As alumni and friends of MIT Sloan, you know that we are in the business of developing principled, innovative leaders, who will improve the world. Our faculty, students, staff, and alumni work toward that goal with each new project they take on and each new problem that is presented to them. This kind of work and this mindset have never been more important as we face an unprecedented set of challenges and opportunities. Partnerships between our faculty and industry leaders will identify ways to incorporate new technologies into pre-existing systems, supporting innovations in healthcare, transportation, and food and water safety. New approaches to ensure cybersecurity and digital resilience will stem from integration across science, engineering, and management. Leadership in creating sustainable business practices and a healthy planet will come from the efforts and insights of our faculty and their partners in the public and private sectors. Innovations to improve our financial system’s efficiency and resilience will come from smart, grounded leaders. MIT Sloan must take the lead in tackling these challenges, but can only do so with your continued support.

The challenges our faculty tackle in their research, the opportunities our students embrace in the classroom, and the solutions our alumni bring to complex problems are the real-life examples that illuminate how MIT Sloan is changing the world. At the school, we have framed MIT’s Campaign for a Better World under the heading: A Better World is Our Business. This isn’t a slogan. This is the way our community approaches their work. At MIT Sloan, Ideas Are Made to Matter. And those ideas will ensure a better future for us all.

Learn more about MIT Sloan’s impact on the Campaign through this website. Connect with us. Get involved. Consider how your support can make a difference in tackling the challenges of today and inventing the future. Thank you for your commitment to MIT Sloan and your commitment to a better world.