MIT Sloan Core

For our MBA students, the core is that set of essential courses that provides the foundation of management and includes courses in economics, accounting, business statistics, and organizational processes. For our Campaign, the MIT Sloan Core has that same fundamental purpose—to provide essential support for our faculty and students through endowed fellowships and professorships, and through the MIT Sloan Annual Fund, our current-use, unrestricted funding which allows our faculty and students to pursue innovation in real time. No less important than the curricular core, the MIT Sloan Core funds that which is essential to MIT Sloan—our students, our faculty, and our newest innovative activities. It speaks to our mission; it ensures that our faculty pursues and surpasses the boundaries of current knowledge; it encourages our students to experiment and make a difference; it allows us to invent solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

MIT Sloan Annual Fund

An entrepreneur improving agriculture through disease detection.  The birthplace of modern finance. Little’s Law. A data analytics expert who developed a new healthcare algorithm to improve people’s lives. The first business school to launch a course in fintech. These are the stories of MIT Sloan. MIT Sloan’s history is built on innovation and excellence, and our future will depend on our community.

In today’s fast-paced, complex, and competitive world, flexibility and creativity in teaching and learning is crucial. For the next generation of MIT Sloan graduates to become “principled, innovative leaders who will change the world,” they must have adequate financial support while being exposed to the school’s impactful academic resources.

All alumni and friends can have an immediate impact on MIT Sloan through a gift to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund.

$8.2M+ Awarded in fellowships each year

Masters Fellowships

A manager of an innovation team in a Fortune 500 retail company who is transforming sustainable practices. A private equity leader creating new investment strategies. A data analytics expert who developed a new healthcare algorithm that improves people’s lives. A social entrepreneur who delivers online courses in the developing world. These are some of the countless stories of MIT Sloan’s students—the next generation of innovative leaders determined to make a positive impact on society.  MIT Sloan students believe that MIT and its school of management are the best place to learn the skills they need to turn their ideas into action.

Fellowships for masters-level students are a critical campaign priority. By enabling us to bring the best students from around the world to MIT Sloan, increased funding for fellowships ensures that our classrooms represent diverse viewpoints, allow our students to test their ideas, and provide opportunities for our students to practice what they learn. Fellowships also help us attract a student body that reflects today’s global, interdependent economy.

Fellowship support is a competitive differentiator—one that helps MIT Sloan attract those students who are inspired by the School’s mission and vision and come to us with outstanding academic records, achievements, and professional potential. These students will be transformed by their MIT Sloan experience. The next generation of businesses will be born, lifelong professional and personal connections formed, and opportunities for exploration and experience pursued.

PhD Fellowships

PhD students are the creative engines at MIT, the foundation of the Institute’s productivity, central to the Institute and School’s missions, and critical to recruiting and retaining top faculty. Further, the Institute’s PhD candidates are essential to the present educational culture at MIT and to the future of research and industry. These PhD students will one day be the researchers and faculty members who teach at MIT and around the world. They will address questions yet to be conceived and will devise solutions to the broad array of challenges that will shape the future global economy.

Endowed fellowship support has never been more important for MIT and MIT Sloan as peer schools continually offer more and better fellowship packages to their top prospects. MIT remains committed to providing full academic tuition and a monthly living stipend for each PhD student; however, as costs of living increase in the Boston Metro area, our packages must increase to fully meet student need.

PhD fellowships allow MIT Sloan to attract the students we really want—those applicants from across the globe who share not only their exceptional academic records, but also their belief in the mission of the school and readiness to act on it.


The heart of the Institute and MIT Sloan, our professors develop world-changing research. They probe questions about management, operations, technology, and finance that lead to answers with global impact. They explore new avenues to invention—whether creating new financial models, simulating regional economic systems, or developing solutions to ensure job viability and income stability in a digital future. With practicality, persistence, and passion, they question assumptions and investigate new challenges. Acknowledged as the School’s present and future, the work of MIT Sloan’s faculty brings new ideas to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Endowed professorships are a critical tool in acknowledging, attracting, and retaining the very best faculty members—either those who are already faculty members at MIT or those we hope will join our community. An endowed chair is the highest honor the Institute can confer on a teacher-scholar; it publicly affirms the Institute’s faith in the quality and potential of his or her research. The accompanying prestige raises the profile of a professor across MIT and throughout his or her field. Beyond this recognition, MIT benefits in another way: our faculty members pass on their knowledge and scholarship to our students, the next generation of thought and business leaders. Because our professors teach their own classes, our students benefit from an unprecedented level of access to scholarship and intellect.

From Douglas McGregor’s Theory X/Theory Y distinction to Nobel-recognized breakthroughs in finance by Franco Modigliani and in option pricing by Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, MIT Sloan’s faculty have been unmatched innovators. This legacy of pioneering thinking and dedication to research impacts every faculty member and filters down to the students who work beside them. A new generation of endowed chairs provides the resources for MIT Sloan to continue to attract top faculty in every field and to ensure that those who do choose MIT Sloan can excel in their quest to solve the world’s most urging problems and teach our next generation of leaders.