Some of our degree programs have required leadership courses and others have elective courses. The Leadership Center partners with each degree program slightly differently. To find out more, please visit the degree programs’ websites. For all academic related questions, please contact Sloan Education Services

In addition to the academic frameworks that students are introduced to in our courses, there are multiple opportunities that the Center supports for practice and skill development.

Leadership Center Designed Courses and Programs

15.S74 ID Lab: Individual Development & Interpersonal Dynamics

The central thesis of ID Lab is that being an effective leader requires a deep understanding of what it means to be human in a complex world. The semester-long course requires both a commitment to personal transformation and a willingness to engage with others on a similar journey. The experience integrates an introductory retreat, weekly class sessions, regular introspective reflections, and professional executive coaching to enable students to develop as a principled, innovative leader capable of changing the world.

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15.S03 SSIM: Teams Lab: Leading Effective Teams 

Competitive advantage is often built on the quality of teamwork that happens within the organization. Great teams stimulate creativity and innovation, enable rapid adaptation to market changes, and produce breakthrough results. But building, developing, and leveraging effective teams is a complex process and success is far from guaranteed especially in a global and often virtual environment. Teams Lab is designed to help you develop the skills and frameworks necessary to diagnose the key barriers and strengths that determine team performance and to intervene in ways that improve effectiveness.

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15.S18 SSIM: Organizations Lab

Despite continued advances in science and technology, human society is sti​ll beset wit​h challenges ranging from a changing global climate to growing income inequality. In Organizations Lab you will learn to connect specific interventions made by individual leaders with organizational and community transformation. This is not a class about managing nonprofits (though you may learn a few useful things in this regard). It is a class about linking the individual actions you take to the collective outcomes you desire, whatever they might be. 

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15.S21 SSIM: Leadership and Teams Lab

This is the first required course for the Sloan Fellows Program, in which all Sloan Fellows students are automatically enrolled. 

Leadership and Teams Lab is designed to help you cultivate the skills necessary to meet the major challenges that will inevitably confront the organization(s) that you lead. The course builds on two ideas: First, combining conflicting ideas and perspectives is a critical component of creating innovation (and therefore the solutions to significant challenges); and, second, both individuals and organizations are often conflict-averse. The course will help you develop your skills in navigating and leveraging differences in two pieces. 

MBA Leadership Elective Courses 

Students can choose from a set of leadership-related elective classes taught by the Leadership Center's affiliated faculty. MBA students have a requirement to take at least one of these courses in order to graduate.

Sloan Intensive Period

SIP is a period of intensive hands-on learning at the midpoint of each semester that injects a burst of interactive and real-world experience into your MIT education.

With SIP, you expand how you think and who you know, interacting with new peers and external practitioners on a wide range of real-world subjects, issues and challenges.

SIP come in many forms: online or in-person sessions; Action Learning labs, seminars, track hackathon or trips; and study trips. SIP can last anywhere from 3 days to two weeks, depending on the type of experience you choose.  

Please refer to the MySloan SIP website for more information.