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hours collaboratively delivering content across Sloan/MIT during the 2019-2020 academic year

At the MIT Leadership Center, we design courses and programs that facilitate students’ leadership development during their time at MIT Sloan and far beyond their time on campus. Beginning with orientation, leadership is woven throughout the entire student experience. MIT Sloan graduates leave campus equipped with field-tested leadership frameworks they can apply to make a lasting impact from any position in any organization.

Our students’ leadership journeys start with self-awareness. Building awareness through reflection, our students recognize how to harness the right resources to solve complex problems at the individual, the team, and the organizational level. They learn to seek diverse opinions, manage conflict, and reflect on their experiences. And true to MIT’s ethos, they iteratively test and refine their personalized approach as they develop into highly principled leaders in the world.

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We design courses and programs that build on our fundamental approach to leadership for specific student populations at Sloan.

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