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Establishing a framework for collective empowerment

Dr. Tina Opie, co-author of “Shared Sisterhood: How to Take Collective Action for Racial and Gender Equity at Work,” visited MIT Sloan for a Fireside Chat on Tuesday, April 4. The event was organized in partnership with multiple groups from across MIT Sloan and MIT.

Dr. Opie’s work emphasizes the importance of creating and sustaining diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces through connection and collaboration. The framework asks that we: 

  • Dig (discover and question individual assumptions) 
  • Bridge (connect with someone different than you) 
  • Engage in Collective Action 

“Shared Sisterhood is a radically optimistic philosophy,” Dr. Opie said. “If, however, we are transparent, authentic, and honest with ourselves and each other…we can pursue collective action.” 

During the chat, Dr. Opie stressed that self-awareness is an important trait for everyone.

“Shared Sisterhood is not just the business of women. It’s for all of us,” she noted.