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Bart Van Parys is an Assistant Professor in Operations Research and Statistics at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

His research interests are located on the interface between robust optimization and machine learning. He has completed a postdoctoral position at MIT Sloan in the Operations Research and Statistics Group.

Bart holds a BS in electrical engineering and an MS in engineering mathematics from KU Leuven. He received his PhD in control theory at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Manfred Morari.



"Bootstrap Robust Prescriptive Analytics."

Bertsimas, Dimitris, Bart P.G. Van Parys. Mathematical Programming: 1-40. Forthcoming.

"​Optimal Learning for Structured Bandits."

Van Parys, Bart P.G., and Negin Golrezaei. Management Science. Forthcoming. arXiv Preprint.

"Sparse High-Dimensional Regression: Exact Scalable Algorithms and Phase Transitions."

Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Bart P.G. Van Parys. Annals of Statistics. Forthcoming. arXiv Preprint.

"Exterior-point Optimization for Nonconvex Learning."

Gupta, Shuvomoy Das, Bartolomeo Stellato, and Bart P.G. Van Parys, MIT Sloan Working Paper 6521-20. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, December 2021.

"Sparse Classification: A Scalable Discrete Optimization Perspective."

Bertsimas, Dimitris, Jean Pauphilet, and Bart Van Parys. Machine Learning Vol. 110, No. 1-2 (2021): 3177-3209. arXiv Preprint.

"From Data to Decisions: Distributionally Robust Optimization is Optimal."

Van Parys, Bart P.G., Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani, and Daniel Kuhn. Management Science Vol. 67, No. 6 (2021): 3387–3402. arXiv Preprint.

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