Pilar Opazo


Pilar Opazo


Pilar Opazo is a Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer in the Work and Organization group at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Prior to coming to MIT, she was a Post-Doctoral Research Scholar and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Columbia Business School. Pilar’s doctoral research was supported by a Fulbright scholarship and by a grant from Telefonica R&D, Spain’s major telecommunications company.Her research interests include organizational theory, innovation studies, negotiation and qualitative methods.

Pilar recently published a book titled Appetite for Innovation (Columbia University Press), that uses ethnographic methods to examine the organization of creativity and the nature of radical innovation. The book looks at the case of “elBulli,” the avant-garde restaurant directed by Chef Ferran Adria that has revolutionized the gastronomic field. Pilar’s other published works include two coauthored books, Communications of Organizations (2007), Negotiation(2006), plus two peer-reviewed articles: one in Sociological Theory entitled “Order at the Edge of Chaos” and in International Journal of Gastronomy entitled “Discourse as a Driver of Innovation: the Case of elBulli Restaurant” (2013).

She received her PhD in Sociology from Columbia University and a BA from the Catholic University of Chile.

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