Richard Locke

Alvin J. Siteman (1948) Professor of Entrepreneurship, Emeritus
Professor of Political Science and Management, Emeritus

Biography | Selected Publications

The Promise and Perils of Private Voluntary Regulation: Labor Standards and Work Organization in Two Mexican Garment Factories (2009)

Virtue out of Necessity?: Compliance, Commitment and the Improvement of Labor Conditions in Global Supply Chains (2008)

"Does Monitoring Improve Labor Standards?: Lessons from Nike," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 61 Issue 1, (October 2007): 3-31.

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"Education as an Emotional Experience: Reflections of a Teacher," Schools: Studies in Education. (2006) (2006)

Information Content of Equity Analyst Reports, Journal of Financial Economics, February 2005 (with Michael Mikhail and Andrea Au).

"Claves para Ser Un Pais de Emprendedores," Empresas COPEC, No. 55 (April 2004).

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Co-author with Zairo B. Cheibub, "Valores ou intresses? Reflexoes sobre a responsabilidad social das empresas, in Empresa, Empresarios e Globalizacao, Anna Kircher, ed. Rio de Janeiro: Relume Dumara, 2002.

"Building Trust", paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, September 11, 2001.

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