Robert Gibbons

Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management
Professor of Applied Economics

Biography | Selected Publications

Organizational Economics,Princeton University Press, forthcoming 2015

“Incentives Between Firms (and Within)” P. Jackson (ed.), with Edward Elga. Management Science 51 (2005): 2-17. Reprinted in The Economics of Organization and Bureaucracy, P. Jackson (ed.), with Edward Elgar, 2013.

Handbook of Organizational Economics with J. Roberts, eds, Princeton University Press, 2013

“Rational-Expectations Equilibrium in Intermediate Goods Markets” with R. Holden and M. Powell. Draft, 2010.

Inside Organizations: Pricing, Politics, and Path-Dependence (2010)

Integration and Information: Markets and Hierarchies Revisited (2010)

s Happens: Relational Adaptation in Contracts, Firms, and Other Governance Structures (2010)

Transaction-Cost Economics: Past, Present, and Future? (2010)

Firms In Markets Under Uncertainty (2009)

Game Theory for Applied Economists (1992)

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General Expertise
Alliances; Human resource management