Academic Activities

At the core of MIT Sloan's educational philosophy is the determination to build and distribute practical business knowledge around the world. With courses like Global Entrepreneurship Lab and International Management and globally oriented events like the Latin Conference and the Global TIES Conference, MIT Sloan is a community outwardly focused.

Graduating students and visiting faculty return to their communities fresh from the nexus of technology and management with advanced skills and late-breaking information. As leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, and mentors, they share this critical knowledge with the wider world. Even people who don't have access to the School or its global network can tap into MIT Sloan expertise free of charge via's revolutionary Open CourseWare Web site.

Global MIT Sloan

There are nearly 100,000 MIT alumni across every region of the globe. MIT alumni clubs across the U.S. and the world number approximately 75, encouraging networking and collaboration on a global scale.