MIT-China Management Education Project

Now in its seventeenth year, the MIT-China Management Education Project was established to strengthen graduate management education programs at selected Chinese universities.

When it began in 1996, the project initially supported International MBA (IMBA) programs at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Fudan University in Shanghai. Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, joined in 1999. In 2011, MIT Sloan began a one-year pilot cooperation with Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an, China, focused on faculty development and China Lab.

Dean Yingyi Qian: Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University Dean Yingyi Qian discusses the value of the International MBA (IMBA) programs.

The project brings Chinese faculty to MIT Sloan for training in teaching and course development. While they are here, they are known as International Faculty Fellows (IFFs).

The project also sends MIT Sloan faculty members to the Chinese campuses to give lectures and teach short courses. For 10 years, Project Teams of MIT Sloan MBA students visited the Chinese campuses to teach IMBA students about aspects of the workplace not usually included in their curricula (for example, leadership, teambuilding, and career development). In 2008, these visits were replaced with China Lab. From time to time, administrators at the participating universities also come to Cambridge to talk with their MIT Sloan counterparts about important functions, such as marketing and communications, alumni relations, admissions, career development, resource development, finances, and technology services.

By June 2012, the IMBA programs had graduated more than 4,100 young men and women. All IMBA graduates are considered Affiliates of the MIT Alumni Association, which greatly increases the size of their network. Many IMBA alumni forge high-profile international careers. More than 200 Chinese faculty have spent time as IFFs at MIT Sloan, more than 200 MIT Sloan faculty have served as their advisors and/or given lectures and taught short courses at the Chinese universities, and over 250 MIT Sloan MBAs have visited the Chinese schools. The English-only requirement at the Chinese universities enhances their students’ ability to compete for jobs in the global business community. It has also resulted in increasingly international enrollments. For example, the Tsinghua IMBA program continues to increase their international student enrollment, with 45% of the class of 2012 coming from countries outside of China. With the influx of international students, English is commonly spoken not only in classrooms but outside in hallways and common areas as well.

In 2006, Tsinghua and Fudan celebrated the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the MIT-China Management Education Program with a gala series of seminars, social gatherings, and fireworks. In 2007, the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University was awarded accreditation by AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), and in 2010 the School of Management at Fudan University was awarded AACSB accreditation. In 2009, Lingnan celebrated its 10 years of participation in the project with a weekend of ceremonies and celebration. In 2011, MIT Sloan celebrated the 15th anniversary of the MIT-China Management Education Project.

Read more about the 15th anniversary of the China Project or download the Global Impact Brochure.

China Leaders for Global Operations

Developed in 2005 at the request of a group of US industrial partners as a collaboration of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program, the China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO) program is China’s only dual-degree, graduate-level program in engineering and management. The contents and materials for the CLGO curriculum are provided by MIT and core SJTU faculty teaching in the CLGO program are mentored during semester-long fellowships at MIT. CLGO was created in order to strengthen the global content of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations program for MIT faculty and students, to help partner companies’ operations in Greater China, and to promote global manufacturing. CLGO seeks to strengthen its partners by developing leaders who apply both managerial and engineering expertise to global manufacturing and operations. Through this partnership, joint student groups from the two programs have conducted plant tours in China and in the US, executed “Lion Team” projects for industry partners in China, and collaborated in case studies and ethics classes at MIT.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women MIT Sloan-Yunnan University Women’s Entrepreneur Program

Three years ago Goldman Sachs established its 10,000 Women project, a $100 million, five-year program to provide 10,000 women in underserved parts of the world with management education, access to capital, networks, and mentors. It operates through more than 80 academic and nonprofit organizations. To date it has reached 5,000 women in more than 20 countries.

In 2011, MIT Sloan joined the 10,000 Women project though the MIT Sloan-Yunnan University Women’s Entrepreneur Program, a collaboration with the School of Business and Tourism Management, Yunnan University in Kunming, China. Three Yunnan faculty spent time at MIT Sloan for training in areas of entrepreneurship and action learning. A team of MIT Sloan faculty and administrators is assisting with the design of workshops and laboratory courses that the Yunnan faculty will to teach to a cohort of 300 women entrepreneurs.

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China Center for Financial Research

The CCFR is a collaboration of the MIT Sloan School and Tsinghua University in Beijing. The director is MIT Sloan Professor Jiang Wang. The CCFR supports and promotes research on China’s financial system, sponsors annual international conferences, and offers advanced training programs and workshops for Chinese faculty in finance.

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Students at China Lab
China Lab brings together students from MIT Sloan and MIT Sloan's four Chinese partner universities for an action-oriented learning experience that anticipates the multinational business community these students will soon join. More >>