The energy and curiosity of MIT Sloan students are reflected in a variety of highly anticipated conferences, symposia, and case competitions. These events are organized primarily by MIT Sloan students and are significant opportunities for them to explore a specific field, topic, or geographic area beyond the classroom. The students gain leadership experience while bringing important national and international researchers, business leaders, and politicians to the MIT Sloan campus to speak, network, share, and interact.

A sampling of annual MIT Sloan conferences, includes:

Month Event
February MIT Sloan Education Technology Conference
February MIT Sloan Women In Management Conference
February MIT $100,000 Entrepreneurship Competition
February MIT Sloan BioInnovations Conference
February MIT Sloan Technology Conference
March MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
March MIT Sloan Asia Business Conference
March MIT Sloan Investment Management Conference
March MIT Latin American Conference
March MIT Sloan Africa Business Conference
April MIT Business In Gaming Conference
April MIT Sustainability Summit
April MIT Sloan Private Equity Symposium
October MIT India Conference
November MIT Sloan Sales Competition
November MIT Energy Finance Forum
December MIT Venture Capital Conference

Slated for 2013-2014

For more information about MIT Sloan conferences, please contact
Katie Ferrari at the MIT Sloan Student Life Office.

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MIT Sloan was founded in response to the realization that engineers, scientists, and manufacturers needed management skills in order to effectively lead their companies. Today, the School stands at the leading edge of global management theory and practice.