MIT Sloan is an international business school that draws students from around the world. Thirty-three percent or our MBA students and 45 percent of our MIT Sloan Fellows candidates come from outside of the U.S. The School's international perspective is reflected in the large number of courses that have a strong global focus. Review the MIT Sloan course catalog as well as the MIT course catalog to explore specific topics.

Here are a few of the most popular management courses with an international focus:

Course Name Course #
The Airline Industry15.054
Applied Macro and International Economics15.012
Cross-Cultural Leadership15.996
Designing and Sustaining Technology Innovations for Global Health Practice15.127
Economy and Business in Modern China15.225
Foreign Exchange Markets from a Quantitative Perspective15.525
Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy15.023
Global Economic Challenges15.014
Global E-Lab: Asia15.389
Global E-Lab: Global Health Delivery15.389
Global E-Lab: Latin America15.389
Global Information Systems: Strategic, Technical, and Organizational Perspectives15.578
Global Markets, National Policies, and the Competitive Advantages of Firms15.223
Global Strategy and Organization15.220
International Action Learning Labs15.976
International Finance Management15.967
International Supply Chain Management15.765
Leading Profound Innovation for a More Sustainable Global Economy15.975
Management and Policy in the International Economy15.018
Practice of Finance: Multinational Business Finance15.S10
Practice of Finance: Foreign Exchange Markets from a Quantitative Perspective15.S25
Southeast Asia*15.227

* Special Seminar in International Management

Global MIT Sloan

Through courses like Global E-Lab, MIT Sloan students have an unprecedented opportunity to apply their class work in real-world scenarios. Students spend weeks in the factories and offices of small businesses across the globe, solving the critical problems facing these growing organizations.