Custom Programs

Faculty and management education experts from MIT Sloan work side by side with companies to develop strategic programs for key teams within their organizations—including teams that are both cross-functional and international. These custom programs break down geographical barriers across a company, giving members a shared foundation of knowledge, a unified vision, an understanding of distinct cultural factors, and a powerful team dynamic.

MIT Sloan enhances its custom programs with technology-enabled tools that boost the effectiveness of face-to-face learning while reducing the time that managers spend in the classroom.

Examples of recent custom programs:

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA)
MIT Sloan developed a custom program for ACMA which brought senior executives from 25 ACMA member companies to MIT to help them develop world-class product development capability. The week-long program offered an intensive learning experience focused on product development processes, technology development and integration, supplier relations, and innovation processes and culture, with a particular emphasis on the challenges facing ACMA companies.

BP partnered with MIT to develop Projects Academy, an award-winning custom program for BP executives worldwide that has served as a model for how academia and industry can collaborate to extraordinary advantage. The Projects Academy integrates a vast array of critical knowledge into one powerful, yearlong learning experience. MIT Sloan provides the management expertise, the MIT School of Engineering supplies the technical wisdom, and BP integrates essential context from the organization.

IBM Mexico
MIT Sloan faculty and program designers worked with IBM to create a learning vehicle tailored to the specific challenges facing IBM Mexico’s customers. An adaptation of MIT Sloan’s highly regarded executive education program IT for the Non-IT Executive, the custom program they devised is an intensive two-day session for 30–50 executives in teams of three from each company.

With roughly 70,000 employees of more than 140 nationalities working in more than 80 countries, Schlumberger realized that ensuring teamwork and knowledge sharing across boundaries would require a great deal more than financial resources. A customized version of MIT Sloan’s landmark Driving Strategic Innovation program was developed to give Schlumberger managers the rare opportunity to network and brainstorm about innovation using a common language, shared frameworks, and a cohesive set of best practices.

United in Diversity
In collaboration with United in Diversity, MIT Sloan launched IDEAS-Indonesia, a leadership program with the following motto: uniting leadership in diversity. IDEAS is an abbreviation of Innovative Dynamics Education and Action for Sustainability. The program brings together leaders from the private, government, and community (media, education, and NGOs) sectors to learn to practice Theory U (Otto Scharmer) and the 5th Discipline (Peter Senge).

MIT Sloan worked with the top managers of this Brazilian-based global mining company to prepare senior managers to realize the company’s goal to become one of the leading firms in the mining industry worldwide, building upon its global acquisitions.

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Global MIT Sloan

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