Global Entrepreneurship Lab

G-Lab is the flagship international internship course at MIT Sloan. The course links teams of MIT Sloan MBA students with entrepreneurs in emerging markets from Ghana to India, Uruguay to Vietnam. The students share their knowledge, experience and research with these business owners, helping them deal with such immediate challenges as internationalization commercialization, financing, and marketing. Meanwhile, the students gain experience in global environments and put their management skills to use.

Currently G-Lab focuses on developing markets in Latin America, China, India, and Southeast Asia, and on global health delivery in Africa. Students work with a variety of high-potential organizations in an array of industries—an online video portal in Shanghai, an IT outsourcing firm in Bangalore, a health clinic in western Kenya, a venture capital firm in Vietnam. Host organizations praise the G-Lab students’ professionalism, commitment, and analytical skills. In the words of one CEO, “How do I feel about G-Lab? Very simple: I want another team.”

G-Lab has also been the basis for two of MIT Sloan’s newest international action learning programs: China Lab and India Lab. Each features the same critical equation: focused classwork for credit + high-potential entrepreneurial client + vital consulting project + intensive faculty mentoring = real impact.

Global MIT Sloan

Through courses like G-Lab, MIT Sloan students have an unprecedented opportunity to apply their class work in real-world scenarios. Students spend weeks in the factories and offices of small businesses across the globe, using their management expertise to solve the critical problems facing these growing organizations.