MIT Sloan has a rich array of internationally focused initiatives aimed at giving people and organizations the knowledge to conduct business productively in every corner of the global marketplace. Examples of our primary initiatives in this arena are the Sabanci University Collaboration, the MIT-China Management Education Project, China Leaders for Global Operations, the International Faculty Fellows Program, the Lisbon MBA, and the SKOLKOVO Project. In addition to these programs, the School is also engaged in educational and research initiatives over five continents.

In a speech that explored how universities can best meet the challenges of this global age, former MIT President Susan Hockfield stressed the importance of global institutional collaborations. She cited MIT Sloan's MIT-China Management Project as exemplary, stating, “Rather than produce a ‘cookie-cutter’ replica of MIT Sloan, the MIT-China Management Education Project encourages Chinese management faculty to develop MIT Sloan's knowledge base responsively to local context and opportunity.”

As pioneers of global management education, MIT Sloan is committed to establishing business practices that strengthen local economies and, ultimately, help shape the future of global business.

For more information on MIT Sloan's international initiatives, please see below. (You may also browse initiatives by location.)

Our primary initiatives are:

Action Learning
At MIT Sloan, action-based learning offers students opportunities to apply and develop their classroom learning to help organizations solve real problems. Through the project work, students bring new insights back to Sloan, enriching their academic experiences, more fully preparing them for their future professional lives, and strengthening their leadership capabilities. Students may participate in a variety of MIT Sloan Action Learning opportunities offered by a range of host organizations around the world. Examples of Action Learning Labs with an international focus include: G-Lab, China Lab, India Lab, and GlobalHealth Lab.

China Center for Financial Research
The CCFR is a collaboration of the MIT Sloan School and Tsinghua University in Beijing. The director is MIT Sloan Professor Jiang Wang. The CCFR supports and promotes research on China's financial system, sponsors annual international conferences, and offers advanced training programs and workshops for Chinese faculty in finance.

China Lab
An MIT Sloan Action Learning opportunity, China Lab links teams of MIT Sloan students with International MBA students from collaborating universities in China, and partners them with a Chinese entrepreneurial firm to conduct a consulting project on the firm's greatest challenges. Students learn to work as part of a long-distance virtual team, as well as side-by-side, gaining invaluable skills as they navigate the challenges of cultural barriers and language differences. China Lab integrates classroom-based education, faculty mentoring, and real multinational business experience.

China Leaders for Global Operations
The China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO) program, a collaboration between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and MIT’s interdisciplinary Leaders for Global Operations program, is China’s only dual-degree, graduate-level program in engineering and management. Established in 2005, CLGO assists global companies in strategically building and retaining a team of leadership talent. CLGO focuses on developing leaders who can apply both managerial and engineering expertise to global manufacturing and operations.

MIT-China Management Education Project
Established in 1996, the project is a collaboration of MIT Sloan and three distinguished universities in China, intended to strengthen graduate management education at the Chinese schools. Chinese faculty come to MIT Sloan for training in teaching and course development, and to develop research projects. MIT Sloan faculty visit the Chinese campuses, and MBA students from the Chinese schools and MIT Sloan work together on China Lab, featuring team-based projects that include visits to MIT and China.

Epoch Foundation
The Epoch Foundation is an organization of leading industrial companies in Taiwan that supports research, teaching, and program development in the Asia/Pacific region at MIT Sloan and across MIT. Members of Epoch companies participate in MIT Sloan Executive Education programs, attend seminars, meet with faculty and staff to discuss specific projects and ideas, and visit MIT-based startups that may offer opportunities for investment.

Executive Education Programs
MIT Sloan Executive Education offers a portfolio of open enrollment and custom designed programs to mid- to senior-level executives from around the world. The programs range from two days to one month. Most take place at MIT but some are held in offshore locations such as Mexico, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab)
An MIT Sloan Action Learning opportunity, G-Lab links teams of MIT Sloan MBA students with entrepreneurs in emerging markets in more than 20 countries around the world. The students collaborate with global entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, experience, and research to help them solve urgent challenges in areas such as internationalization, financing, commercialization, and strategic marketing. The students gain valuable leadership experience in global environments, and test management skills in real-world situations.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women MIT Sloan-Yunnan University Women’s Entrepreneur Program
Three years ago Goldman Sachs established its 10,000 Women project, a $100 million, five-year program to provide 10,000 women in underserved parts of the world with management education, access to capital, networks, and mentors. In 2011, MIT Sloan joined the project through a collaboration with the School of Business and Tourism Management at Yunnan University in Kunming, China. A team of MIT Sloan faculty and administrators is assisting with the design of workshops and lab courses that Yunnan faculty are teaching to three cohorts totaling 300 women entrepreneurs at Yunnan University.

Indian School of Business
MIT Sloan allied itself with the Indian School of Business (ISB) in 2010 with a specific mandate to assist ISB’s Institute for Manufacturing Excellence with curriculum design and action learning projects. MIT Sloan faculty have visited the ISB campus, and ISB faculty may visit MIT Sloan.

International Faculty Fellows Program
Every semester, faculty from the Chinese, Turkish, and Portuguese universities come to MIT Sloan to immerse themselves in the core subjects and electives they teach at their respective schools, and to develop research projects. They return home with advanced information and best practices that they can share with students and faculty. The philosophy of this program is that by enabling faculty to learn together, knowledge spreads further.

The Lisbon MBA
MIT Sloan is partnering with two premier business schools in Portugal that have merged their MBA programs into an internationally competitive MBA program known as the Lisbon MBA. Students receive degrees from both schools as well as a certificate from MIT. Lisbon MBA faculty come to MIT Sloan each year to develop MBA courses and conduct research, and Lisbon MBA students come to MIT Sloan for four weeks of coursework in June.

Master of Science in Management Studies
The MIT Sloan Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS) program offers qualified students and graduates of top business schools outside the U.S. the opportunity to supplement their learning at MIT Sloan by earning a MS degree at MIT in two semesters. Participants enroll in MIT Sloan elective classes, choose a concentration, and complete a Master's thesis.

Nanyang Fellows
Every summer, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) sends approximately 20 men and women with demonstrated leadership potential to MIT Sloan for four weeks of study. During this four-week learning experience, the Nanyang Fellows have the opportunity to learn with other participants in this MIT Sloan international management program.

Sabanci University Faculty of Management
The Faculty of Management at Sabanci University (Sabanci FMAN) in Istanbul, Turkey and the MIT Sloan School of Management are engaged in a collaboration to strengthen the academic cooperation and educational exchanges between Turkey and the United States, build the capability of the management faculty at Sabanci FMAN, increase MIT Sloan's knowledge of Turkey and the region, and increase the sustainability of enterprises in Turkey. Faculty from Sabanci FMAN spend time at MIT Sloan developing courses and conducting research, and Sabanci EMBA students come to MIT for four weeks in the spring for intensive coursework.

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is a joint project backed by major Russian and international business leaders who have pooled their efforts to establish an innovative management school. The world-class business school is housed in a spacious new campus on the outskirts of Moscow. MIT Sloan is working with SKOLKOVO in a program focused on facilitating SKOLKOVO's Executive MBA program, developing a research-oriented faculty, and designing a Global MBA program. MIT Sloan will also provide short courses at MIT for SKOLKOVO MBA students.

Vale Technological Institute Project
MIT is expanding on a relationship that began in 2003 with Vale Technological institute (ITV) in Brazil, a non-profit, post-graduate research and teaching institution established by Vale, the world’s second largest diversified mining company. MIT Sloan is working with ITV on academic and research efforts that promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.

Other initiatives include:

Global Business School Network (GBSN)
The GBSN links teams of top business schools, including MIT Sloan, with their counterparts in the developing world. The initiative aims to enhance the institutional capacity of business schools in emerging markets so that they can provide a stronger pool of management talent to local, regional, and multinational firms and organizations. The end result is to help developing countries grow their economies and reduce poverty.

Global Dialogue Project
MIT Sloan faculty members Otto Scharmer, Tom Malone, and Peter Senge are collaborating with companies to interview leaders around the world. The object: getting to the bottom of leadership — what works and what doesn't. The project is cosponsored by McKinsey & Company and the Society for Organizational Learning.

MIT Global Startup Workshop
The MIT Global Startup Workshop is the world's first conference on fostering entrepreneurship through supportive and catalytic infrastructure that epitomizes MIT's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each year in a different location, MIT students organize the three-day conference to stimulate discussion, generate ideas, share best practices, and build connections between cultures, regions and backgrounds.

Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
MIT Sloan is part of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, an interdisciplinary organization that conducts research, independent policy analysis, and public communication on issues of global environmental change. This initiative is dedicated to developing interdisciplinary research that focuses on the interactions among physical, chemical, and biological processes and their global ramifications.

Alan White

Senior Associate Dean Alan White is noted for his leadership of the China Management Education Program. The program brings Chinese faculty to the School to work with MIT Sloan professors and students to gain a better understanding of management education.