Open Enrollment Programs

MIT Sloan's open enrollment programs prepare managers to work effectively in multinational and multicultural environments. The programs, which attract participants from around the world, deliver an intensive learning experience in a relatively short time. Courses are between two days and one month long and are designed for executives who need to come up to speed quickly on key organizational or career challenges.

The roster of executive program titles is always changing with new programs added and dates changing. Check the schedule frequently to learn about updates.

Here are some examples of open enrollment programs with a global focus.

Driving Strategic Innovation: Achieving Breakthrough Performance Throughout the Value Chain
Joint program offered with IMD
Using a dynamic and integrative value-chain framework created at MIT, participants learn to build organizational relationships that facilitate knowledge transfer within the firm and across the value chain. The program is offered annually on the MIT Sloan (U.S.) and IMD (Switzerland) campuses, as well as in Singapore.

MIT Sloan is the world leader in management thinking for technology-driven innovation and operating excellence, with a legacy of helping corporations develop the tools and capabilities to successfully adopt these ideas. IMD is recognized worldwide for its dynamic “Real World. Real Learning” approach to executive education. Working with the top companies in a diverse range of industries, IMD's experienced, highly qualified, and multinational faculty prepares managers and executives for the challenges of international business, providing breakthrough learning experiences. Working together, MIT and IMD have an unparalleled ability to meet the needs of global corporations wherever they are located.

Innovation, Strategy, and Leadership for Japanese Managers
In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive global economy, organizations must be able to innovate—in their products, their processes, and their services. Innovators must be willing to take risks and outmaneuver competitors. They must abandon “me too” strategies and become leaders rather than followers. But many firms, especially large, established organizations, have difficulty moving away from “the way things have always been done,” distancing themselves from competitors, and trying new and different approaches to managing their business.

Innovation, Strategy, and Leadership for Japanese Managers introduces the latest strategic concepts, organization models, and approaches to product, process, and service innovation developed at the MIT Sloan School of Management. These concepts are designed to help managers compete more effectively in existing businesses as well as start new companies and explore new industries and business models. The program is designed to be of special interest to Japanese managers and entrepreneurs.

International Management Program
Designed and taught by leading faculty of the MIT Sloan School of Management, this intensive, four-week program goes beyond the MBA to consider the advanced concepts, practical tools, and essential skills needed to lead effectively in today's global business environment. The International Management Program integrates perspectives from multiple disciplines to enable managers to create, capture, and deliver value. The program introduces cutting-edge management thinking and provides frameworks and strategies for creating a global business strategy, driving innovation and entrepreneurship in established and emerging markets, managing the distributed enterprise, understanding international economics, and leading change in complex organizations.

The international nature of the program curriculum is reinforced by the diverse group of participants from a wide range of countries, as well as the multinational faculty.

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