Members of the MIT Sloan faculty frequently publish their most influential research. In fact, several professors have completed seminal works that are included in the book “The Best Business Books Ever.” And they are publishing important new books, articles, and working papers every day.

The following are just some of the MIT Sloan faculty who publish works on global topics. See their individual biographies for details.

Michael A. Cusumano
Frequent subjects: Internet competition; the software industry; product development; the auto industry.

Kristin Forbes
Frequent subjects: International financial contagion; income inequality; and economic growth.

Yasheng Huang
Frequent subjects: The institutional drivers of foreign direct investment in China.

Richard Locke
Frequent subjects: Patterns of economic development.

Simon Johnson
Frequent subjects: Cross-national studies of institutions and development.

Roberto Rigobon
Frequent subjects: Impacts on financial markets.

C. Otto Scharmer
Frequent subjects: Presencing, influencing outcomes, and global change.

Edgar H. Schein
Frequent subjects: Organizational learning and change; leadership; the Singapore economic miracle.

Lester Thurow
Frequent subjects: Building global prosperity; competition among nations.

Review a selection of recent faculty publications.

Review a selection of recent working papers.

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