Student Clubs

At most universities, clubs are about recreation and shared passions. So it is at MIT Sloan. But there exists here an additional, defining component. Clubs are also very much about expanding boundaries — both physical and mental — and taking every opportunity as far as it can transport you.

In fact, the roughly 75 MIT Sloan clubs are an accurate metaphor for the MIT culture, which is distinguished by an absence of borders. If you like to surf, why not try the legendary waves of Costa Rica or Honduras? Interested in global communications, why not see what the President of India has to say about it? Want to push the limits of leadership? Try organizing a climb up Kilimanjaro.

Clubs are also the organizers of treks to industry hotspots all over the world where students have the rare opportunity to talk off the record with the world's most successful leaders.

In short, clubs at MIT Sloan exist to take their members just about anywhere they've always wanted to go — and that destination is very often global.

Explore MIT Sloan's many globally oriented recreational activities.

Global MIT Sloan

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