One of the most dynamic and mutually productive collaborations between global management teaching and practice was established in 1990 under the aegis of the Taiwan-based Epoch Foundation. Comprising more than a dozen leading companies from a range of industries in Taiwan, the Epoch Foundation was established to integrate private sector resources with the world's best academic institutions. Initially the Foundation supported MIT Sloan research, teaching, and program development in the Asia/Pacific region.

The program began with a $10 million endowment to support MIT faculty research on China-based companies, executive education programs in Taiwan and at MIT Sloan, regional workshops and conferences, and scholarships for Taiwanese participants in MIT Sloan executive education programs. Over the years it has expanded to include almost $30 million in collaborative research and educational initiatives all across MIT — the Industrial Liaison Program, Media Lab, Microsystems Technology Lab, Laboratory for Computer Sciences/ Artificial Intelligence Lab, Industrial Performance Center's Globalization Study, and other centers of activity.

Epoch companies regularly host MIT faculty in Taiwan. More than 90 men and women associated with Epoch companies have participated in or graduated from MIT Sloan Executive Education programs. Every two years, CEOs of Epoch companies visit MIT to attend seminars and meet with faculty and staff to discuss specific projects and ideas. They also visit MIT start-ups that provide object lessons about successful entrepreneurship as well as opportunities for investment.