MIT Sloan regularly hosts discussions with the world's most influential leaders and makes them available to the community at large on video through MIT World. Here are a few of the globally oriented talks recently sponsored by MIT Sloan. They feature faculty and visiting leaders.

“Alternative Models Of Differential Pricing For Medicines”
Panel discussion

“Challenges to Implementation”
(in the global pharmaceutical industry)
Panel discussion

“A Conversation with Michael Dell”
(includes Dell's role in the Japanese market)

“The Emergence of China in the Global Economy”
by Lester Thurow

“Institutions, Geography, and Growth”
(development in the Caribbean and Latin America)
by Roberto Rigobon

Kofi Annan Keynote Presentation
(on corporate obligation)
by Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

“Organizational Economics and Management Education”
by Robert S. Gibbons

“Strategy for High Tech Companies-What to Think About”
by Michael Cusumano

“What Can We Learn From Related Industries?”
(industries related to the global pharmaceutical industry)
Panel discussion

“Why Do We Need Differential Pricing? Industry Perspective”
(in the global pharmaceutical industry)
Panel discussion

Global MIT Sloan

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