Partners and Families

Partners and families are very much integrated into the fabric of MIT Sloan. They bring a welcome balance to the community. Partners and children participate in many student events and have their own robust roster of activities and a full-time support system. Partners and families form lifelong bonds, strengthened by the shared MIT experience.

Significant Others of Sloan

The Significant Others of Sloan Club helps partners and families acclimate to life at MIT Sloan. This active network provides community resources and plans family-friendly activities throughout the year. The club also provides opportunities to be involved in activities or work experiences at MIT and in the greater Boston community.


Deirdre shares her thoughts on being a Sloanie and mother-to-be, how the MIT community helped her achieve work/life balance, tips on what classmates can do to support other expectant mothers—and strategies for navigating the journey with a baby onboard.

Read Deidre's Interview here.
MIT Spouses & Partners Connect

Serving the entire MIT community, MIT Spouses & Partners Connect is a dedicated network for the significant others of MIT students, postdocs, staff, and faculty who have relocated to the Boston area. This resource also helps the community secure childcare, access wellness services, and provides career workshops. Whether you’re looking for the best grocery store, beach, or art museum, the Newcomers’ Guide helps ease the transition to life at MIT.