Waiting List Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does being on the waiting list mean?

    Each year we have more highly qualified applicants than we can admit into the incoming class. Being placed on the waiting list is an indication that your application was a strong one, and that we believe you would be an asset to the MIT Sloan community.

  • When can I expect to hear from MIT Sloan again?

    Most action will take place in June and July. We will issue all necessary updates to the waiting list via group e-mail, as well as posting updates to this page. 

  • What are the next steps for waiting list candidates?

    We appreciate your desire to keep us informed of your interest in our MBA program.  You are welcome to submit via e-mail only any additional information you feel will be helpful to us. Please understand that due to the high volume of correspondence, we are limited in our ability to answer individual questions. We are NOT able to grant in-person meetings with individuals on the waiting list.

    Send all correspondence to

    Please do not send any correspondence to individual admissions committee members.

  • How long does the waiting list remain active?

    The waiting list remains active until the beginning of the school year.

  • Can I schedule a waiting list interview?

    A second interview will not be necessary for candidates whom we have already interviewed. 

  • What are my chances of obtaining financial aid and on-campus housing?

    If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you are eligible for federal as well as non-federal loans. Provided you have included MIT (Title IV Code 002178) in your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, you can apply for both federal and non-federal loans no matter how late you are admitted.

    If you are an international student, the MIT Federal Credit Union Loan will be available to you, no matter how late you apply.

    Candidates accepted from the waiting list may not be eligible for on-campus housing, as the deadline to sign up for the on-campus housing lottery is May.

  • What are my chances if I reapply next year?

    If you choose to reapply next year, your application will be evaluated with the new pool of applicants.

  • I have to send my deposit to another school and I haven't heard from you yet.

    We recommend you make alternate plans in case we do not go to the waiting list before your offer from another school expires. Please update us if you accept another school's offer, as the status of other candidates may be affected by your decision.

  • Will I still be considered for scholarship when I get admitted from the waitlist?

    Our fellowships are merit based and are exhausted during regular rounds; the amount of fellowships available for distribution after the regular rounds are very limited.

  • Is there anything else that I should know?

    We know that the waiting list process is an uncertain and often frustrating experience for candidates. Unfortunately, we are rarely able to give definitive answers before our admission offer reply dates; Round 3 Admits have until June 1st to reply to our offer. We will do our best to notify candidates if there is any information we feel will be useful or if our approach to the waiting list changes. While we welcome email correspondences with relevant updates, we are NOT able to grant in person meetings with individuals on the waiting list. We will post any updates on this page. Thank you for your patience and understanding.