Master of Finance

12- and 18-Month Options

The MFin program provides an option for completing your degree in either 12 or 18 months.  These two formats allow you to further tailor the program to your specific needs.

The degree requirements are the same for both formats; the only difference is timing.  

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Which One is for You?

  • 12-month

    Shorter timeframe allows you to earn a full MFin degree in one year—including an Action Learning experience where you’ll work with corporate partners on real-world challenges—accelerating your path to a rewarding career.

  • 18-month

    Additional time allows you to spread the degree requirements over a longer period, complete an internship during your second summer term, take additional courses or use the additional time to write a thesis.

What are Students Saying?

  • Trevor Brinkman, MFin 2018

    “One could easily spend a number of lifetimes here at MIT and never soak up all there is on offer. However, for someone who has some background in finance, some related work experience, and who has a good idea of what area of finance they would like to pursue post-graduation, the 12-month program can get you there quicker at lower cost but with no sacrifice of rigor.”

  • Dhruv Ramesh, MFin 2019

    "As someone coming into the program without a background in finance, the 18-month format not only gave me more time to gain a solid academic foundation in the subject but also to really understand in depth the potential career paths I was considering. Where I begin my career is very important to me and I am happy to say that the 18-month format gave me the time and also allowed me to meet the right people in order for me to make a well-informed decision."