Meet Our MSMS Students

Meet Our MSMS Students

What is it like to be an MSMS student here? Our students represent a range of backgrounds and interests. They experience MIT Sloan in their own way, yet create a cohesive community.

Ponce Pineda Samaniego, MSMS '20

Citizenship:  Phillipines

Recent Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Partner School: Asia School of Business

Pre-MSMS Experience
I’m a global program and business manager leading at the intersection of innovation, technology, and social impact. With 7 years of professional experience, I have managed over 80 programs in 17 countries for organizations such as United Nations, Asian Development Bank, and Asia School of Business. I have extensive hands on experience supervising diverse teams (with up to 20 members from 8 countries) to successfully undertake initiatives from conception to execution. Through a full fellowship award, I completed my MBA at Asia School of Business where I received the President’s Leadership and Best Action Learning Project awards upon graduation.

Post-MSMS Ambitions
At Sloan, I focused on innovation and entrepreneurship courses to take advantage of MIT’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem. After graduating from the MSMS program, I will be moving to Seattle to join Amazon as Senior Program Manager.

While residing in the Greater Boston area, I lived off campus in an artists’ building where there are about 150 art studios and residences. I immersed myself in the local art community, found artistic friends, and practiced drawing during my free time.

Catherine Yu, MSMS '21         

Citizenship: The U.S.

Recent Location: San Francisco, CA

Partner School: Tsinghua University

Pre-MSMS Experience

I spent time working at Visa in San Francisco building B2B partnerships with sharing economy and on-demand firms. I then moved to Uber, where I standardized restaurant support and onboarding. I was then nominated to move to Buenos Aires, and served as the first Strategy & Planning Hire / Chief of Staff on the team to launch UberEats in Argentina. Finally, I spent time working with Lalamove in Beijing building out their GTM expansion strategy in North America. In my spare time, I helped charter a non-profit mentorship program in Oakland, CA for high school students, where 100% of students went on to college and formed partnerships with tech companies for company tours.

Post-MSMS Ambitions

I hope to one day work as a General Manager for a a tech company expanding into developing countries or in VC focused on North America and Asia Investments. I also hope to continue to focus on admissions and increase education accessibility for underrepresented groups.


I love scuba diving and going to the beach, exploring the world (check out my blog--, rehabilitating plants back to life, and love eating Veer's leftover food. 

Mateusz James Burgunder, MSMS '21

Citizenship: Switzerland, The U.S. and Poland

Recent Location: Switzerland

Partner School: INSEAD

Pre-MSMS Experience

I interned with Deloitte and then worked as an analytics consultant for Accenture on digital transformation projects. I held various roles, learned more about the challenges across industries, and worked with international teams.

Post-MSMS Ambitions

I like the work I previously did because it aligned with many of my top priorities, including career development, meaningful projects, international exposure, and learning opportunities. During INSEAD and now at MIT, I am also exploring options outside of consulting that fit my objectives. For now, some combination of healthcare, finance, tech, analytics, and management is most interesting to me.


Analytic hackathons, magic performances, endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering).

Amelia Crespo, MSMS '21         

Citizenship: USA

Recent Location: Kuala Lumpur

Partner School: Asia School of Business

Pre-MSMS Experience

As an educator with a passion for technology, I have experience teaching in public and private schools in the U.S., abroad, and online. I have also had the opportunity to help scale a number of early-stage organizations, where I fell in love with the pace and the challenge of entrepreneurship and lean business development. One such early experience led me to establish an online learning program for an international school in Costa Rica. Working in a developing economy brought me to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to pursue my MBA from Asia School of Business where I gained priceless experience in diverse industries throughout Southeast Asia. Prior to MIT Sloan, I developed programs and designed online courses for an education startup called Me.reka.

Post-MSMS Ambitions

I am currently developing a thesis in Education Technology and focusing on courses in Innovation and EdTech. After graduation, I aim to position myself at the forefront of the EdTech industry, bringing the best products to market as an intrapreneur in an established tech firm or a mature startup.


In addition to education and technology, I am also passionate about sustainability and social enterprise. In my spare time I love traveling, backpacking, and trying new foods. I also enjoy running, hiking, biking, and hammocking.