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Dec 6
Implementing Sustainability Strategies

Speakers: Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan; Wayne Balta, Vice President for Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety, IBM; Mark Buckley, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Staples; Kevin Moss, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, BT Americas

Companies sometimes regard sustainability as "metaphoric low-hanging fruit," says moderator Peter Senge, and reach for a few easy targets to achieve cosmetic improvements. His three panelists describe how their corporations are attempting to embrace sustainability as more than just another high-profile, low-impact initiative that "goes right into an overloaded bucket." Watch video >>

Nov 15
NBC's Heroes: Appointment TV to Engagement TV

Speakers: Henry Jenkins, Peter de Florez Professor of Humanities

Two progenitors of broadcast TV's rapid expansion into the digital world provide narrative and back story for the development of NBC's crossover series, Heroes. Watch video >>

Dec 6
Strategy and Sustainability

Speakers: Rebecca M. Henderson, Eastman Kodak LFM Professor of Management at MIT Sloan

As part of the Strategies for Sustainable Business Practice conference, Rebecca Henderson talks about Mobilizing an Organization: Strategy and Sustainability. Watch video >>

Dec 6
Strategy and Sustainability: Panel Discussion

Speakers: Moderated by Peter Senge, MIT Sloan senior lecturer and chairman of the Society for Organizational Learning

As part of the Strategies for Sustainable Business Practice conference, Peter Senge moderates this dialogue among representatives of IBM, Staples, and BT Global Services. Watch video >>

Nov 28
The World is Flat 3.0

Speakers: Thomas L. Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The New York Times

Elaborating on his World is Flat thesis, Thomas Friedman describes how this new global order puts creative, entrepreneurial individuals in the driver's seat, and poses distinct new challenges and opportunities. Watch video >>

Nov 19
Climate Change: The Economics of and Prospects for a Global Deal

Speakers: Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government; Head, India Observatory, Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics

From Nicholas Stern's market perspective, climate change constitutes an "externality" that, like traffic grid lock in a city center, arises when some people's actions affect the welfare of others, at no cost to the perpetrators. Watch video >>

Nov 19
Bridging the Delivery Gap to Global Health

Speakers: Dr. Jim Yong Kim, Co-Founder, Partners in Health Professor, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School Chief

As part of MIT Sloan's Dean's Innovative Leader Series, Dr. Jim Yong Kim on "Bridging the Delivery Gap to Global Health." Dr. Kim is co-founder of Partners in Health, a professor at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School, and chief of the Division of Social Medicine and Health Inequalities at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Watch video >>

Oct 24
The Next Frontier: Bioelectronic Interfaces

Speakers: Mark A. Reed, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics

As technologies scale down, and more computer chips get packed together, the number of watts per square centimeter reaches a point "when materials start to do nasty things, like break down," says Mark Reed. Watch video >>

Oct 9
Geosciences and Carbon Sequestration to Address Climate Change

Speakers: Margaret Leinen, Chief Science Officer, Climos, Inc.

Margaret Leinen, drawing on the U.N.'s recent climate reports, and the latest research from the field, shows the dire graph: a red line of CO2 emissions marching steadily upward, with accompanying graphics depicting hoped-for impacts of international efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas release. Watch video >>

Oct 9
Solar Energy as a Major Replacement for Fossil Fuel

Speakers: Roger Angel, Director, Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory; Director, Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics; Regents Professor of Astronomy;

t took a crisis to shift Roger Angel's gaze from the stars back to Earth, but we may all benefit from his full attention, locked as it is on helping crack the problem of global warming. Watch video >>

Oct 9
Anthropogenic Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy

Speakers: Ronald G. Prinn, TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

If you'd asked Ronald Prinn a decade ago whether human activity played a significant part in global warming, he would have given you an "equivocal" answer. Today, he is no longer straddling the line. Watch video >>

Oct 4
Collective Intelligence

Speakers: David Thorburn, MIT Professor of Literature

Can human beings, with the help of smart machines, not merely avoid "collective idiocy", but actually achieve a degree of intelligence previously unattainable by either humans or machines alone? These three panelists study the possibilities from different angles. Watch video >>

Sep 21
Global Poverty: How Demanding Are Our Obligations?

Speakers: Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University

Peter Singer walks listeners through one of his most provocative philosophical arguments -- that affluent individuals must acknowledge their moral obligation to relieve the unnecessary death and suffering of the poor. Watch video >>

Jun 9
When I'm 64: Discounting, Time Preference, and Personal Identity

Speakers: Shane Frederick, MIT Sloan associate professor

MIT Sloan Professor Shane Frederick speaks as part of Back to the Classroom at Reunion 2008. Watch video >>

Jun 9
Global Resources and the Built Environment

Speakers: John Fernandez, Associate Professor of Building Technology, Department of Architecture

John Fernandez talks of the buildings we use for shelter at home and work, and the infrastructure that connects these. Watch video >>

Jun 9
CrackBerrys: Exploring the Social Implications of Wireless Email Devices

Speakers: JoAnne Yates, MIT Sloan deputy dean and Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management

MIT Sloan Professor JoAnne Yates speaks as part of Back to the Classroom at Reunion 2008. Watch video >>

Jun 9
Marketing the Arts: The Secret Weapon

Speakers: Michael Kaiser, president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Alum and Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser speaks as part of Back to the Classroom at Reunion 2008. Watch video >>

Jun 9
Two More Things to Worry About

Speakers: Arnold I. Barnett, George Eastman Professor of Management Science

MIT Sloan Professor Arnie Barnett addresses improvements to the U.S. Electoral College and aviation safety as part of Back to the Classroom at Reunion 2008. Watch video >>

Apr 27
Collaboration and Collective Intelligence

Speakers: Thomas W. Malone, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management and founder and director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

MIT Sloan Professor Tom Malone moderates a discussion on the potential of Internet-driven collectives. Watch video >>

Apr 12
A Conversation with Jack Welch and Alex D'Arbeloff

Speakers: Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric Corporation, and Alex D'Arbeloff, MIT Sloan professor of practice and honorary chairman of the MIT Corporation

In a far-reaching discussion, former GE CEO Jack Welch urges managers to focus on top-tier employers and says being candid with employees is important, so employees know where they stand. He also doismisses telecommuting as a fad and says companies should seek to capitalize on the Green market. Watch video >>

Mar 10
Energy 2.0 Morning Keynote

Speakers: Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric

Jeffrey Immelt says that increasing demand among both developing and developed nations, geopolitical concerns, and a recent focus on environmental considerations in international policy dictate GE's vast investment in new energy ventures, and its expectation of handsome returns for many decades. Watch video >>

Feb 22
Insights on Leadership at United Technologies Corporation

Speakers: George David, Chairman and CEO, United Technologies Corporation

Key to such successes is flow optimization, says George David, and simultaneous work: short assembly lines with quality checks along the way. "There is no force more powerful in modern business than productivity," he says. Watch video >>

Jan 25
Financial Markets: Outlook 2007

Speakers: Liz Claman, co-anchor of CNBC's Morning Call and anchor of CNBC's Cover to Cover

Analysts offer a grab bag of investment tips for average consumers and entrepreneurs in this annual event from the MIT Enterprise Forum. Moderated by CNBC's Liz Clayman, this event features Frederick Lane of Lane, Berry and Co. International; Brandeis University CIO Deborah Kuenstner, Axel Bichara of Atlas Venture, and Benjamin Howe of America's Growth Capital. Watch video >>

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Dec 1
MIT iCampus presents: “Globalization and Higher Education: Competition and Cooperation
Speaker: Charles M. Vest, President Emeritus, MIT, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dec 1
MIT iCampus presents: “Roles of Industry, Academia, and Government in Addressing Competitiveness Through Education and Technology
Moderator: Deborah Wince-Smith, President, Council on Competitiveness

Nov 9
MIT World presents the Dean's Innovative Leader Series: “Leadership Lessons Learned on the Firing Line
Speaker: Anne M. Mulcahy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xerox Corporation

Nov 8
MIT World presents: “Sustainability is Only Half the Solution, Regeneration is the Other Half
Speaker: Carol Sanford, CEO, InterOctave, Inc.

Nov 2
MIT World presents the Dean's Innovative Leader Series: “Why Large Companies Should Out-Innovate Small Ones
Speaker: Dan Hesse, Chairman and CEO, Embarq Corporation

Nov 1
Soap Box event series at MIT Museum presents: “Growing Pains - Transitioning to a Sustainable Energy Economy
Speakers: John B. Heywood, Sun Jae Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Stephen Ansolabehere, Elting R. Morison Professor of Political Science

Oct 25
Soap Box event series at MIT Museum presents: “The Role of New Technologies in a Sustainable Energy Economy
Speakers: Angela Belcher, Germeshausen Professor of Materials Science, and Engineering, and Biological Engineering and Daniel Nocera, W. M. Keck Professor of Energy and Professor of Chemistry

Oct 18
MIT World presents the Dean's Innovative Leader Series: “Tough Choices
Speaker: Carly Fiorina, Former Chairman and CEO, Hewlett-Packard, Author, Tough Choices

Oct 18
Soap Box event series at MIT Museum presents: “The Challenge: Meeting Global Energy Demands Sustainably
Speakers: Kerry Emanuel: Professor of Atmospheric Science and Ernest J. Moniz: Co-Chair, MIT Energy Research Council, Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems

Oct 11
MIT World presents the Dean's Innovative Leader Series: “Leadership in the Automotive Industry: A Conversation with Dean Emeritus Glen Urban
Speakers: G. Richard Wagoner, Jr., GM Chairman Chief Executive Officer

Sep 28
iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It
Speaker: Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple Computer, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Wheels of Zeus (wOz)

Sep 27
Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT 2006: “Opening Keynote and Keynote Interview with Jeff Bezos
Speaker: Jeffrey Bezos, Founder and CEO of

Sep 21
MIT Communications Forum: “News, Information and the Wealth of Networks
Moderator: William C. Uricchio, Co-Director, Comparative Media Studies Program and Professor of Comparative Media Studies, MIT Professor of Comparative Media History, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Sep 21
MIT Enterprise Forum: “Global Entrepreneurship: Inefficiency as Opportunity in the Developing World
Moderator: Alex (Sandy) Pentland, Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, and Director of Human Dynamics Research, MIT Media Lab; Co-founder and Director, MIT Program for Developmental Entrepreneurship

Sep 19
MIT Communications Forum: “The Emergence of Citizen’s Media
Moderator: David Thorburn, MIT Professor of Literature; MacVicar Faculty Fellow; Director, MIT Communications Forum

Sep 13
MIT World presents: “Leading Innovation
Speaker: Daniel Vasella, Chairman and CEO, Novartis

Jun 15
MIT World presents: “Economics: Regulation and Deregulation of Energy Sectors
Speaker: Paul L. Joskow, Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics and Management, Director of the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

Jun 10
MIT World presents: “On a Liberal Education for the 21st Century
Speakers: Woodie C. Flowers, Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Jun 10
MIT World presents: Back to the Classroom 2006
- “Three More For The Road
Speaker: Arnold I. Barnett
- “Intelligence, Cognitive Reflection, and Decision Making
Speaker: Shane Frederick
- “Globalization of Science: Opportunities for Competitive Advantage from Science in China, India and Beyond
Speaker: Fiona Murray

Jun 7
MIT World presents: “Talk to an Angel: Crucial Connections to Early Stage Capital
Speakers: James Geshwiler, Chairman, Angel Capital Education Foundation Managing Director, CommonAngels

May 24
MIT World presents: “Guanxi (The Art of Relationships) Microsoft, China and Bill Gates’ Plan to Win the Road Ahead
Speakers: Robert Buderi and Gregory T. Huang, Co-authors

May 12
MIT World presents: “Internet Regulation and Design: A View from the Front Lines
Speaker: Alan Davidson, Washington Policy Counsel and head of Google's government affairs office

May 9
MIT World presents: “Video Time Index Our Energy Future: Why American Science and Engineering Must Lead the Way
Speaker: Samuel W. Bodman, United States Secretary of Energy

May 2
MIT World presents: “The Purpose of Business
Speaker: John Browne, Group Chief Executive, BP

Apr 26
MIT World presents: “The Art of Engineering
Speaker: James Dyson, Inventor and Founder, Dyson Corporation

Apr 19
MIT World presents: “Leading Rockwell Collins’ Lean Transformation
Speaker: Clayton M. Jones, President and CEO, Rockwell Collins

Mar 16
MIT World presents: “Innovation Through Design Thinking
Speaker: Timothy Brown, CEO, IDEO

Mar 9
MIT World presents: “The Art and Science of Managing the New Global Corporation
Speaker: Marilyn Carlson Nelson, CEO, Carlson Companies

Feb 27
MIT World presents: “Winning the Oil Endgame
Speaker: Amory Lovins

Feb 21
MIT World presents: “Fuel Cells and Portable Power Solutions
Speaker: Donald R. Sadoway

Feb 9
MIT World presents: 32nd Annual Breakfast 2006
- “Dr. King's Unfinished Agenda: A Call for Economic & Social Justice in the 21st Century
Speaker: Donna Brazile
- “Student Remarks 2006 MLK Breakfast
Speaker: David Lowry

Feb 2
MIT World presents: “The Role of Biomass in America’s Energy Future
Speaker: Lee R. Lynd

Jan 26
MIT World presents: “Forecasting Markets: The Capital Update for 2006
Moderator: Robert Crowley

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Dec 1
MIT World presents: “Vision of the Future”
- Part 1
Speakers: Susumu Tonegawa, Sydney Brenner, Richard Axel
Moderator: Ira Flatow

- Part 2
Speakers: Eric R. Kandel, James D. Watson

Nov 15
Soap Box event series at MIT Museum presents: “Human Genetics: Our Past and Our Future
Speaker: David Altshuler

Nov 3
MIT World presents the Dean’s Innovative Leader Series: “Reinventing the Kennedy Center
Speaker: Michael Kaiser, President, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Nov 1
MIT World presents: “The Resilient Enterprise: Overcoming Vulnerability for Competitive Advantage
Speaker: Yossi Sheffi, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

Oct 27
MIT World presents: “From Space to Energy: Changing the World. For Good.
Speaker: Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation

Oct 19
MIT World presents: “Not Your Typical CEO
Speaker: Lawrence K. Fish, Chairman, President & CEO, Citizens Financial Group

Oct 6-8
MIT World presents: MIT Sloan Convocation
- “Convocation Keynote (1)
Speaker: John Thain, Chief Executive Officer, New York Stock Exchange
- “Making Globalization Work for All
Moderator: Richard Locke
- “Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty
Moderator: Deborah Ancona
- “Convocation Keynote (2)
Speaker: Carly Fiorina, Former Chairman and CEO Hewlett-Packard
- “The Future of Corporate Governance
Moderator: Stewart C. Myers
- “New Insights into Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Moderator: Ed Roberts, David Sarnoff Professor of the Management of Technology Chair, MIT Entrepreneurship Center
- “Keynote Address (3)
Speaker: Morris Chang, Chairman and CEO, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Oct 6
MIT World presents: The Passion to Action Summit: The MIT Leadership Center Launch
- “Leadership in a Complex, Technology-Driven World
Speakers: Rosalind Williams, Robert S. Langer, Robert Metcalfe, Phillip A. Sharp
- “Developing Future Leaders
Moderator: Woodie C. Flowers
- “Leading Across Boundaries
Speakers: Peter Senge, Frannie LĂ©autier, Jeremy Hockenstein

Sep - Oct
MIT-wide Symposia: What's So Natural About Natural Disasters?
Technological Systems in Disaster
Speakers: David A. Mindell, David S. Jones, Meg Jacobs
Nov 15, 2005

- “What Does Current Scientific Research Have to Say About the Present and Future Risks Associated with Hurricanes?
Speaker: Kerry Emanuel Professor of Atmospheric Science
Oct 31, 2005

- “How Can We Plan for Safe and Sustainable Regions?
Moderator: Andrew J. Whittle
Oct 18, 2005

- “How Can Communities, Cities and Regions Recover From Disaster?
Speakers: Lawrence J. Vale, Thomas Kochan, J. Phillip Thompson
Moderator: David A. Mindell
Oct 5, 2005

- “How Can We Improve Disaster Response?
Speakers: Kenneth Oye, Richard C. Larson, Yossi Sheffi
Sep 30, 2005

Sep 30
MIT World presents: “Managers Not MBAs: Debating the Merits of Business Education
Speakers: Ricardo Semier, Henry Mintzberg

Sep 28-29
MIT World presents: The Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT

- “Innovation Everywhere — Why the World Isn't Flat Enough
Moderated by Alex (Sandy) Pentland
- “Tomorrow's Engineering Crisis
Moderated by Howard Anderson
- “The Six Webs, 10 Years On
Speaker: Bill Joy - “Innovation Everywhere — How the Acceleration of “GNR” (genetics, nanotechnology, robotics) Will Create a Flat and Equitable World
Speaker: Raymond Kurzweil

Sep 22
MIT World presents: “Leading by Omission” (Dean’s Innovative Leader Series)
Speakers: Ricardo Semler, President, Semco S/A

Sep 22
MIT World presents: “Energy for the Coming Decades: Trends and Technologies
Speakers: Steven E. Koonin, Chief Scientist, BP

Sep 14
MIT World presents: “Ending Global Poverty
Speaker: Muhammad Yunus, Founder and Managing Director, Grameen Bank Ambassador for the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

Sep 8
MIT World presents: “The Power of the Network to Change the Way We Work, Live, Play, and Learn
Speaker: John Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco Systems

Aug 18
MIT World presents: New Medicines: Can Innovation and Safety Coexist? MIT-CBI Forum on Developing, Producing, and Distributing Safe Medicines

- “Defining the Challenges Surrounding Innovation and Safety (Part One)
Moderated by Frank L. Douglas
- “Innovation in Post-Launch Surveillance and Pharmaco-Vigilance (Part Two)
Moderated by Isaac S. Kohane
- “Innovation in Manufacturing and Distribution Systems (Part Three)
Moderated by Charles L. Cooney

Jun 4
MIT World presents: “Bioengineering at MIT: Building Bridges Between the Sciences, Engineering and Health Care” (Part One)
Speakers: Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Linda G. Griffith, Angela Belcher

Jun 4
MIT World presents: “Bioengineering at MIT: Building Bridges Between the Sciences, Engineering and Health Care” (Part Two)
Speakers: Ram Sasisekharan, Martha L. Gray

Jun 4
MIT World presents: Back to the Classroom 2005
Airline Safety and the Electoral College
Speaker: Arnold I. Barnett

Jun 1
MIT World presents: “Angel Groups in Action: Funding Early Stage Innovation”
Moderator: Daniel Roach, Manager, Brown & Brown, LLP

May 16
MIT World presents: “The World is Flat
Speaker: Thomas L. Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The New York Times

May 14
MIT World presents: “Forced Labor in the Globalized World
Speaker: Tom Ashbrook, Host, On Point, WBUR-FM, Boston

May 14
MIT World presents: “Forced Labor: The World Debate
Moderator: Zeinab Badawi, Presenter, The World, BBC Four

Apr 12
MIT World presents: “A Conversation with Jack Welch
Speaker: Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO General Electric Corporation

April 8
MIT World presents: “Democratizing Innovation
Speaker: Eric von Hippel

March 8
MIT World presents: “2005 Innovation Forum
Speakers: Lemelson-MIT prize winners Daniel DiLorenzo, Amy Smith, James McLurkin and David Berry.
Moderator: Dick Gordon

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Nov. 15
MIT World presents: Science, Technology and Human Rights Series

- “Neuroethics

Sep 29-30
MIT World presents: The Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT

- “Opening Keynote with Tim Berners-Lee
- “From Lab to Market: Where Technology is Headed — The Research Director's Point of View
Moderated by Rebecca Henderson
- “National Innovation Initiative
- “Keynote: A Conversation with G. Richard Wagoner, Chairman and CEO, General Motors
- “Invention and Innovation: Emerging Technologies that Will Change the World, The Inventor View

Aug 12
MIT World presents: Large Molecules, Large Dreams: A Forum on Global Drug Pricing and Sustainable Medical Innovation Series

- “Challenges to Implementation
- “What Can We Learn From Related Industries?
- “Alternative Models Of Differential Pricing For Medicines
- “Why do We Need Differential Pricing?/Industry Perspective

Jun 5
MIT World presents: Back to the Classroom Series

- “The Future of Work
Thomas Malone
- “Airline Security: Where are We?
Arnould Barnett
- “The Emergence of China in the Global Economy
Lester Thurow
- “Institutions, Geography, and Growth
Roberto Rigobon
- “Strategy for High Tech Companies — What to Think About
Michael Cusumano

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Jun 7
MIT World presents: Back to the Classroom Series

- “Organizational Economics and Management Education
Robert Gibbons
- “Innovation: Are You A Predator or Are You Prey?
James Utterback

April 15-16
MIT World presents: “Value Chain Roadmaps for Communications and Media
Speaker: Charles Fine

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Oct 11 - 12
MIT Sloan 50th Anniversary

MIT Sloan was at the center of international media attention in Oct 2002, as U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, an MIT Sloan alumnus, delivered the keynote address at MIT Sloan's 50th anniversary celebration.
Friday, Oct 11   |   Saturday, Oct 12   | Dean Schmalensee

Friday, Oct 11

Session 1 - 3 hours, 36 minutes:

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  • Charles Vest, President, MIT
  • Richard Schmalensee, Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Keynote Speaker: His Excellency Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • The Next Technological Revolution: Predicting the Technical Future and its Impact on Firms, Organizations and Ourselves, Faculty leader: Rebecca Henderson
  • Why Is Consumer Power Growing and How Should Companies Respond? Faculty leader: Glen Urban

Luncheon - 20 minutes

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  • Address by Richard Schmalensee, John C Head III Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management

Luncheon - 33 minutes

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  • Luncheon Speaker: Alex d'Arbeloff, Chairman of the Corporation, MIT; Founder, Teradyne; Chairman, Empirix

Luncheon - 12 minutes

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  • Introduction to Globalization and the Evolution of Corporate Citizenship, MIT Sloan Professor Richard Locke

Session 2 - 1 hour, 5 minutes:

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  • Globalization and the Evolution of Corporate Citizenship, Faculty leader: Richard Locke

Session 3 - 1 hour, 19 minutes:

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  • Beyond McGregor's Theory Y: Human Capital and Knowledge-Based Work in the 21st Century Organization, Faculty leaders: Tom Kochan, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and Wanda Orlikowski

Dean Schmalensee on MIT Sloan's 50 years
With MIT Sloan celebrating 50 years of delivering the future in 2002, Dean Richard Schmalensee discussed MIT Sloan's contributions to business management, its mission moving forward, and other topical business issues.

These video clips are available in RealPlayer. Choose the appropriate speed for your connection.

Dean Schmalensee on ...

50 years of living up to MIT Sloan's original ambition (1:21)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

The headlines in Sloan's 50 years of shaping management education (2:58)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

The symbiosis between MIT and MIT Sloan, between technology and management (1:03)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

How MIT Sloan has driven change through research and education (1:01)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

The difference between successful innovation and change (0:46)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

How MIT Sloan keeps pace with rapid changes in industry (0:36)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

Balancing students' interest in current business topics with the need to provide them with fundamental business tools (1:11)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

The changes triggered by the dot com era (0:26)
Video: RealPlayer (56K, Cable/DSL)

Saturday, Oct 12

Session 1 - 54 minutes:

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  • Carly Fiorina, Chairman and CEO, Hewlett-Packard

Session 2 - 1 hour, 39 minutes:

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  • Corporate Governance and Financial Management - What Changes in Europe and China? Faculty leader: Stew Myers

Session 3 - 44 minutes:

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  • Phil Condit, Boeing Chairman and CEO

Sep 26
MIT World presents: “A Conversation with Michael Dell

Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series

Kofi Annan, SF '72, former Secretary-General of the UN, is one of a network of global leaders in government and industry who hold degrees from MIT Sloan.

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