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Jun 5
Warning: Physics Envy May be Hazardous to Your Wealth

Speakers: Andrew Lo, Professor of Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management Director, MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering

Andrew Lo addresses the problem of finding the right level of abstraction with which to think about economic phenomena. He compares economics to physics, with some surprising results. Watch video >>

Apr 9
Rusnano: Fostering Nanotechnology Innovation in Russia

Speakers: Anatoly Chubais, Chairman and CEO, Rusnano; Noubar Afeyan PhD '87 Managing Partner and CEO, Flagship Ventures

In both lecture format and conversation with Sloan Senior Lecturer Noubar Afeyan, Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais presents an ambitious plan to create Russia's Nanotechnology Center--a $10 billion, entrepreneurial ecosystem that incorporates education, research and business incubation. Watch video >>

Apr 21
From Relief to Reconstruction -- Practical and Policy Challenges

Speakers: Raymond Offenheiser, President, Oxfam America

As the United Nations and worldwide NGOs face the challenges of providing basic services to the survivors of the January 2010 Haitian earthquake, Oxfam's Raymond Offenheiser scrutinizes what will ultimately be "crucial to the outcome, in the Haitian context, of a successful recovery and rehabilitation by the Haitian people and for the Haitian nation--distributed leadership." Watch video >>

Apr 28
Bill Porter in Conversation with Howard Anderson

Speakers: William Porter SF '67, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, E*Trade Financial Corporation

Bill Porter shares his own "light bulb moment" when he discovered that a simple Apple computer could give him stock quotes, hours before the morning newspaper arrived. This moment in the early 1980's led to the creation of E-Trade. Howard Anderson hosts this lively conversation on leadership. Watch video >>

Apr 26
Lunch with a Laureate: Robert Merton

Speakers: Robert C. Merton Ph.D. '70

As an MIT Museum audience peppers him with queries ranging from the barter system to development, and the role of intuition in economics, Nobel Prize-winner Robert Merton pushes back against any assumptions that he might be a "renaissance man." He carefully steers listeners to his areas of expertise -- financial engineering and innovation, and risk management. Watch video >>

Apr 2
13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown

Speakers: Simon Johnson PhD '89, Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship, MIT Sloan School of Management

Simon Johnson warns in a new book that a "new financial oligarchy" threatens not only the nation's economy, but its political core. In 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown, Johnson, says the book provides "the back story" for the 2008 financial crisis "and for all the issues being raised now around financial reform. Watch video >>

Mar 31
A Policy on Leadership

Speakers: Edmund (Ted) F. Kelly PhD '70 Chairman, President & CEO, Liberty Mutual

Ted Kelly walks a Sloan audience through the process of turning around a failing company. His formula? Develop two key things: a fact based analytical organization, and great management teams that value people. Watch video >>

Mar 2
Automotive Lightweighting as a Strategic Opportunity for India's Automotive Industry

Speakers: Charles Fine Chrysler LFM Professor of Management and Engineering Systems Co-director, International Motor Vehicle Program

Although steel has been the material of choice for many automotive components since the dawn of the automotive age, there is evidence that a change to lightweight intensive materials would bring significant environmental and economic benefits. Watch video >>

Feb 18
Leading through Adversity

Speakers: Paul Sagan, President and CEO, Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Few companies have endured such hardship, or risen to such heights in a brief span of time as Akamai Technologies. Paul Sagan tells how he became the CEO of this young firm, and helped it survive and then flourish despite "unimaginable adversity." Watch video >>

Feb 9
Sustainable Accessibility: A Grand Challenge for the World and for MIT

Speakers: John Sterman PhD '82, Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and Engineering Systems

Transportation systems, as we know them today, will simply not sustain the worlds' growing population. John Sterman says we need to see transportation in its complexity, and expect that our planning efforts will have totally unintended, unexpected "rebound" effects. Watch video >>

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Dec 10
The Great Climategate Debate

Speakers: Henry D. Jacoby, Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, Co-Director, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT

The hacking of emails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit in November rocked the world of climate change science, energized global warming skeptics, and threatened to derail policy negotiations at Copenhagen. These panelists, who differ on the scientific implications of the released emails, generally agree that the episode will have long-term consequences for the larger scientific community. Watch video >>

Nov 17
Creating a Game Plan for Transition to a Sustainable Economy

Speakers: Jeffrey Hollender, Chief Inspired Protagonist, Co-founder, and Executive Chairperson, Seventh Generation

The "chief inspired protagonist" of Seventh Generation, one of the nation's oldest and most successful green manufacturers apologizes for delivering a talk "more depressing than expected." While discussing the challenges facing businesses attempting to transition to a more just and sustainable economy, Jeffrey Hollender enumerates the many reasons he's feeling bleak these days. Watch video >>

Oct 27
Leadership Amidst Crisis

Speakers: S.D. Shibulal, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board Infosys Technologies

In thirty years, S. D. Shibulal has seen his share of economic crises, three to be exact. But in thinking hard about the role of crises in the future for today's students, he predicts: they will occur more frequently, and will be less predictable, longer lasting and more costly. Watch video >>

Sep 24
Financial Services: Prospect for Your Future

Speakers: Lawrence Fish, Former Chairman and CEO, Citizens Financial Group Member, MIT Corporation; Simon Johnson, PhD '98, Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship, MIT Sloan School of Management

In a lively discussion with Simon Johnson, Lawrence Fish deconstructs the near collapse of the banking system and points out the multiple factors that have contributed to the financial crisis. Watch video >>

Jun 6
Air Safety: Nothing But Blue Skies?

Speakers: Arnold I. Barnett PhD '73, George Eastman Professor of Management Science, MIT Sloan School of Management

Arnold Barnett returns with new insights into aviation and aviation safety, and remains remarkably consistent in his quite sunny assessment of the current state of aviation safety -- even after a recent string of air accidents. Watch video >>

Jun 6
The Power of Competition: How to Focus the World's Brains on your Innovation Challenges

Speakers: Fiona Murray, Sarofim Family Career Development Professor, Associate Professor, Management of Technological Innovation Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Cooperation may be making us "a little bit too nice" when it comes to innovation, suggests Fiona Murray. She believes there's nothing like competition for injecting energy into the process of solving key innovation problems, whether in business or society. Watch video >>

Jun 6
Global and Domestic Imbalances: Why Rural China is the Key

Speakers: Yasheng Huang, China Program Associate Professor in International Management, and Founder, China-India Lab, MIT Sloan

Contrary to popular thinking, China owes its astonishing economic expansion not to far-sighted government policy but to hundreds of millions of entrepreneurial peasants. Yasheng Huang's research reveals not only how small-scale rural businesses created China's miracle but how that nation's recovery from the global recession and righting the massive East-West trade imbalance depend on this same under-acknowledged sector. Watch video >>

May 7
Energy Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Opportunities

Speakers: William Aulet SM '94, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan; Christina Lampe-Onnerud, Founder and CEO, Boston-Power; Jacques Beaudry-Losique, SM '92, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy; Matthew Nordan, President and Co-Founder, Lux Research Inc.; Robert Metcalfe '68, General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners Founder, 3Com Corporation

There are ample opportunities for new energy entrepreneurs, these panelists agree, but motivation and certain kinds of know-how play key roles in bringing new ventures to fruition. Watch video >>

May 7
Composing a Career and Life

Speakers: Linda Mason, Chairman and Co-Founder, Bright Horizons Family Solutions Chair, Mercy Corps

Linda Mason was originally going to make a case study of Bright Horizons, her $1.3 billion, early childhood care business, but reconsidered in light of the current economic crisis -- to the benefit of her audience. Instead, she takes up her own story as a recession-era entrepreneur who built several hugely successful, socially oriented ventures, navigating very real pitfalls and challenges along the way. Watch video >>

Apr 9
Leading an Environmentally Sustainable Enterprise

Speakers: Martin Madaus, Chairman, President & CEO, Millipore Corporation

Climate change poses perhaps the premiere threat to coming generations, but to avoid its worst impacts, we must confront the issue now. To that end, Millipore's Madaus exhorts business leaders to focus immediately on building environmental sustainability into their operations. Watch video >>

Mar 19
Distributed Leadership in the Obama Campaign

Speakers: Marshall Ganz, Lecturer in Public Policy, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

The Obama campaign owes its victory not to a single charismatic candidate, but to the efforts of a disciplined and motivated organization whose roots go back to landmark movements of the 1960s. Marshall Ganz describes how the principles and practices he learned around organizing and leadership played out in the most recent presidential election. Watch video >>

Mar 3
Values-Based Leadership

Speakers: Robert McDonald, COO, Procter & Gamble

A West Point start, army career, and a disciplined approach to distilling key life experiences has guided Robert McDonald through his 20 years at Procter & Gamble. He shares his insights on leadership and values. Watch video >>

Feb 18
Distributed Leadership in the Obama Campaign

Speakers: Emmanuel Maceda SM '89, Chairman of the Asia Pacific region, Bain & Company

The same institutional tenets guiding innovative management during good times needn't waver during a downturn, even the present one, says Emmanuel Maceda. After two decades at Bain, Maceda feels confident in his company's practices and principles, which have guided both Bain and its clients through earlier economic booms and busts. Watch video >>

Mar 5
Observations on the Science of Finance in the Practice of Finance

Speakers: Robert C. Merton Ph.D. '70, Professor of Economics, Harvard

There will be a time "beyond crisis," asserts Robert C. Merton, who delves into the dense science of derivatives -- a field he has fundamentally shaped -- to explain how the vast global economic collapse has come about, and how financial innovations at the heart of the collapse could also be tools for reconstruction. Watch video >>

Feb 25
Paint it Black: Avoiding the Financial Beast of Burden in 2009 and Beyond

Speakers: James Poterba, Mitsui Professor of Economics, MIT

James Poterba takes a scholarly approach to moderating this detailed discussion of the unfolding economic collapse, its ramifications on business, and the possible impact of governmental remedies. Watch video >>

Feb 11
Challenges to the Global Economy

Speakers: Martin Feldstein, George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University; Simon Johnson, Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship, MIT Sloan School of Management

If economic analyses earned ratings like movies, this event would receive an X for extremely disturbing. Two of the field's most prominent voices spare any sugar coating in their unsettling accounts of the world's unfolding economic crisis. Watch video >>

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Dec 9
Nurturing a Vibrant Culture to Drive Innovation

Speakers: Terri Kelly, President and CEO, W.L. Gore & Associates

Terri Kelly provides insights into the W.L. Gore Company, and explains its unique culture that encourages experimentation, risk taking and taking the long view. Watch video >>

Nov 18
Seminar Series: Real Time Deep Dive into the Global Crisis as it Evolves 11/18/08

Speakers: Simon Johnson, Ronald A. Kurtz Professor of Entrepreneurship

Nov. 18, 2008: In the second in a series of special seminars, Prof. Simon Johnson dives deep into the global economic crisis and answers questions from the MIT Sloan community. Watch video >>

Nov 4
Seminar Series: Real Time Deep Dive into the Global Crisis as it Evolves 11/04/08

Speakers: Simon Johnson, Ronald A. Kurtz Professor of Entrepreneurship

Nov. 4, 2008: In the second in a series of special seminars, Prof. Simon Johnson dives deep into the global economic crisis and answers questions from the MIT Sloan community. Watch video >>

Oct 28
Achieving U.S. Energy Security Through Energy Diversity

Speakers: Robert Malone SF '89, Chairman & President, BP America

Robert Malone reminds us that the fate of the U.S. economy is intricately bound up with energy costs, and that this year alone, "we'll pay more than $400 billion for imported oil," and that the U.S. has paid out $8 trillion for foreign oil since 1973. Watch video >>

Oct 28
George Soros on The New Paradigm for Financial Markets

Speakers: George Soros, Founder and Chairman, Soros Fund Management, LLC; Ricardo Caballero, Ford International Professor of Economics, MIT

In conversation with Ricardo Caballero, George Soros recounts the formative experience of his life -- surviving the German occupation of Hungary -- "a far from equilibrium situation." He credits his father for recognizing that "the normal rules don't apply" and falsifying documents permitting the family's escape from fascism. Watch video >>

Oct 17
What (if Anything) Should Be Done About Improving the System of Electing a President?

Speakers: Arnold I. Barnett PhD '73, George Eastman Professor of Management Science, MIT Sloan School of Management; David King, Lecturer in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Alexander S. Belenky, Visiting Scholar, MIT Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals; Alan Natapoff, Research Scientist, MIT

Arnold Barnett offers a "pragmatic compromise" between a popular vote and the current Electoral College system, a potential cure for the current "funhouse mirror" of election politics based on weighted averages. Watch video >>

Oct 15
Building the Next Generation Company: Innovation, Talent, Excellence

Speakers: Simon Johnson, Ronald A. Kurtz Professor of Entrepreneurship

While the ongoing world economic crisis has left many business leaders sweating (or worse), John Chambers is rolling up his sleeves in anticipation of an eventual recovery. After every economic challenge, he says, Cisco has come out with dramatic gains in market share. This time won't be different, if Chambers' bets pay off. Watch video >>

Oct 9
Leading Change: A Conversation with Ron Williams

Speakers: Ronald A. Williams, SF '84, Chairman and CEO, Aetna

Ronald A. Williams discusses how an emphasis on new technology and application of basic values helped turn around the health care giant Aetna. Watch video >>

Oct 8
MIT experts analyze financial crisis, debate cures

Speakers: Andrew Lo, Harris and Harris Group Professor of Finance; Bengt Holmstrom, Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics; James Poterba, Mitsui Professor of Economics; Poterba, president and chief executive officer of the National Bureau of Economic Research; William Wheaton, director of the Center for Real Estate

A panel of MIT faculty experts convened Oct. 7 to discuss current economic news. The panelists focused on different aspects of the history, the present unfolding, and the likely future of the financial mess, and emphasized that the situation is far more complex -- and the long-term outcome more uncertain -- than is typically portrayed. Watch video >>

Sep 19
Sustainable Building Design @ MIT: Walking the Talk

Speakers: John Sterman PhD '82, Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and Engineering Systems; Theresa M. Stone SM '76, Executive Vice President and Treasurer, MIT; Jason Jay, MIT Sloan Doctoral Candidate; Adam Siegel, MBA '08; Anna Jaffe, SB '08

There's "just exactly enough time, with no time to lose" to address the massive challenge of climate change and renewable energy, says moderator John Sterman. Watch video >>

Sep 19
Opportunities in Infrastructure and Built Environments

Speakers: Sarah Slaughter, 82, SM'87, PhD 91, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management; Judith Layzer, PhD '99, Linde Career Development Associate Professor of Environmental Policy, MIT; Milton Bevington, Domain Director, Building Retrofit Program, Clinton Climate Initiative, Clinton Foundation; Bill Sisson, Director of Sustainability, United Technologies Corporation Co-Chair, World Business Council for Sustainable Development Buildings Project

Half the world's population currently lives in cities, and that number is spiraling upward, as urban settlements gobble up most of the world's natural resources and emit the most pollutants. Watch video >>

Sep 19
Getting Unstuck: How to Promote More Sustainable Practices in Our Organizations

Speakers: Rebecca Henderson '81, Eastman Kodak LFM Professor, MIT Sloan School

All that's required to achieve sustainability, says Rebecca Henderson, is to clean up your current operations and/or rethink the business. "That's easy," she says -- with a smile. Henderson has spent much of her career trying to help firms embrace and survive such transformations. Watch video >>

Sep 19
Opportunities in Building More Sustainable Supply Chains

Speakers: Richard M. Locke, PhD '89, Alvin J. Siteman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Political Science, MIT Sloan School of Management; Fernando Paiz, SF '89, Vice President, Wal-Mart Central America; Bonnie Nixon-Gardiner, Director, Hewlett Packard Ethical Sourcing

When a global corporation implements sustainability standards, it pays to work closely with supply chains, as these panelists attest. Watch video >>

Sep 19
Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Business and Society

Speakers: David Schmittlein, John C Head III, Dean; Richard M. Locke PhD '89, Alvin J. Siteman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Political Science; John Sterman PhD '82, Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and Engineering Systems; Vladimir Bulovic, KDD Associate Professor of Communications and Technology; Kevin Moss, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, BT Americas

If "organizations are the way that ideas change the world," as MIT Sloan Dean Dave Schmittlein puts it, then look to institutions like MIT, which has wrapped its arms around the issues of energy and climate change, to help make sustainability real and attainable. The Dean describes some showcase work launched at MIT, including a long-lasting battery for electric cars, and MIT's own green campus efforts. Watch video >>

Jun 7

Speakers: Drazen Prelec, Digital Equipment Corporation LFM Professor of Management Science Professor, Department of Economics Professor, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

A pioneer in a "dangerously hot research area," Drazen Prelec peers into the human brain while it makes decisions. In his corner of the new field of neuroeconomics, Prelec uses a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine to scan minds pondering the pros and cons of purchasing and selling products like Godiva chocolate and flash drives. Watch video >>

Jun 7
Projects for Change: Bringing Management Tools and Ideas, Collaboration, and Learning-by-Doing to the Challenge of Global Health Delivery

Speakers: Anjali Sastry '86, PhD '95, Senior Lecturer, Management Science, MIT Sloan

The Latin motto on the MIT seal, mens et manus -- mind and hand -- encapsulates Anjali Sastry's view of the combined theoretical and practical education that students gain at the Institute. Watch video >>

Jun 7
Software Innovation--Do You Think the Last 20 Years Were Exciting? The Next 20 Years Will Blow Your Mind

Speakers: Brad Feld '87, SM '88, Co-founder and Managing Director at Foundry Group and Mobius Venture Capital

Feld discusses the next generation of software in context of changes in the last twenty years, and considers software that provides an immersive experience, the prospect of decoupling mouse and keyboard and the implications of cloud computing. Watch video >>

Jun 7
The U.S. and the World's Recession

Speakers: Roberto Rigobon, PhD '97, Professor of Economics, MIT Sloan School of Management

Roberto Rigobon summarizes preliminary research on worldwide inflation and recession, data that bring some grim tidings about our global economic state of health. Watch video >>

Apr 1
Leading with Information Technology

Speakers: Marshall N. Carter, Chairman, Board of Directors, New York Stock Exchange Group, and Director, NYSE

Marshall Carter leads an MIT class through a case study on corporate transformation, highlighting tips he believes are as salient for engineering students as for those focused on business services. Watch video >>

Apr 12
Building Technology, Talent and Policy Bridges to a Low-Carbon Future

Speakers: James Rogers, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy

After 20-plus years in the utility industry, James Rogers is emphatic that we must "build a bridge to a low carbon world." He confesses to a missionary zeal around clean energy, and to the fact that he must reinvent his business, Duke Energy. Watch video >>

Apr 12
Speed and Scale

Speakers: John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

In turn pragmatic and visionary, John Doerr describes his venture capital firm's response to the climate change/clean energy challenge, while answering a range of questions from an entrepreneurial and academic audience. Watch video >>

Feb 28
The Internationalization of Spanish Companies: Ferrovial, The Rise of a Multinational

Speakers: Rafael del Pino, SM '86, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Grupo Ferrovial

Rafael del Pino tells the story of Ferrovial, a European firm that started out in the 1950's building sleeper cars for railroads, that has grown to a major infrastructure, design, construction, financing and operations powerhouse. Watch video >>

Jan 30
Agents of Change: Model Partnerships with Academia

Speakers: Joanne Kauffman, Advisor and former Executive Director, Alliance for Global Sustainability

This panel offers some evidence that sustained alliances between academia and other organizations may help us more effectively address climate change issues. Watch video >>

Feb 20
Digital Evolution

Speakers: Craig R. Barrett, Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation

The world is counting on the fulfillment of (Intel co-founder) Gordon Moore's Law for at least another half century. In Craig Barrett's view, solutions to the crucial challenges of our time depend on improving on already nano-sized microprocessors every few years. Watch video >>

Jan 30
Why Bad Things Happen to Good Technologies

Speakers: John Sterman, Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and Engineering Systems, Director, System Dynamics Group, MIT

John Sterman pokes holes through some popular proposals for addressing climate change, with sobering case studies that demonstrate why "technological solutions are not enough to address the problem of creating a sustainable world." Watch video >>

Jan 29
How Would Climate Change Influence Society in the 21st Century?

Speakers: Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner (IPCC with Al Gore)

Rajendra Pachauri describes the kinds of adaptations humanity must make to the changes already underway, including protection from flooding; preventing water scarcity; and retooling agriculture. Developed nations have a head start in these, and must help out developing nations, or risk global conflicts. Yet adaptation alone "cannot cope with all the projected impacts of climate change," says Pachauri, so greenhouse gas mitigation efforts are urgent. Watch video >>

Jan 29
How Would Climate Change Influence Society in the 21st Century? (Panel)

Speakers: Moderator: Rajendra K. Pachauri; Panelists: John Reilly, Associate Director for Research, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan; Howard Herzog, Principal Research Engineer, MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment; Michael W. Golay, Professor, Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT; William Moomaw, Professor of International Environmental Policy, Director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University; Andreas Fischlin, Head, Terrestrial Systems Group, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)

Rajendra K. Pachauri leads fellow members of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC in a remarkable public session of soul-searching. Now that the IPCC has helped make climate change a signal issue of our times, what next? Watch video >>

Feb 13
Leading Global Growth by Protecting What Really Matters Most

Speakers: Ellen J. Kullman, Executive Vice President, DuPont

After 205 years, DuPont has transformed itself substantially while remaining true to its character, suggests Ellen Kullman. "We're a company with a passion for science," says Kullman. DuPont, which got its start making black powder for explosives, pursued chemicals for its first 100 years, but is now taking its science into energy, biotechnology and nanotechnology, with products and services in agriculture, nutrition, coating and color technologies, performance materials and safety and protection. Watch video >>

Jan 24
Are You Ready for IPO? Strategies and Steps For How and When to Take Your Company Public

Speakers: Robert Buderi, Founder and CEO, Xconomy; Jonathan Bush, CEO, President and Chairman, athenahealth; Gail Goodman, President and CEO, Constant Contact; Jonathan (Jono) Goldstein, Managing Director, TA Associates; Bruce Evans, Managing Partner, Summit Partners

These panelists serve up straight talk and occasionally dish on various aspects of going public, giving aspiring entrepreneurs an unvarnished view of the process. Watch video >>

Anne Mulcahy

Xerox Corporation Chairman and CEO Anne Mulcahy describes what it takes to lead a company through turbulent waters. Watch >>

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