A Safe Return to Campus

Testing at MIT Sloan

In order to access MIT Sloan buildings, all students registered for in-person classes are required to test twice a week, 3-4 days apart, regardless of how often they will be on campus. On any given day, in the prior 7 days, you must have been tested twice, with the 2 tests at least 3 days and no more than 4 apart (e.g. Monday/Thursday, but not Monday/Wednesday). If you have not complied with this testing cadence, you will not have access to E51, E52, and E62. 

Update March 17, 2021

Effective today, you may notice a change to how COVID Pass provides campus access. Previously, if you missed your required test date you could test and get into the building without waiting to receive the result. Now, if you go more than 4 days without a test, you will have to wait until you receive a valid negative test result before you come on campus. COVID Pass will not let you complete your daily attestation and therefore you will not be able to access campus. If you keep on your Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday testing cadence, you won’t notice any change.  You will be able to complete your daily attestation without issue. 

For example: 

If you normally test on Monday and Thursday, but miss your Thursday test and do it on Friday instead, the system will look back at the prior 4 days and see that you tested on Monday (within 4 days) and allow you to do your attestation immediately. 

However, if you waited until Monday to get tested, you would have no tests in the previous 4 days, and you would not be able to complete your attestation until you receive a negative result, so you would not be able to come to campus on Monday. 

New For Spring 2021

  • Better COVID Pass notifications alignment

    COVID Pass will now align with your expected testing cadence (twice per week, with those tests 3-4 days apart). Be sure to follow COVID Pass notifications. 


  • Vaccines and Testing

    Once you have been vaccinated, you will be required to continue ongoing testing. Current research shows that vaccines are most effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalizations, and death. The research does not conclusively indicate that vaccines prevent transmission of the virus. This means that you may be vaccinated and could still transmit the virus to others. 

  • Walk-ins now welcome at MIT Sloan testing site

    You may now test at the MIT Sloan testing site in E62 without an appointment. Simply walk up to the E62 testing site for your regular maintenance testing. While completing your daily attestation isn't required at MIT Medical testing trailers or Johnson Athletic, it is at MIT Sloan's testing site. Be sure to complete your daily attestation 30 minutes prior to testing at MIT Sloan.

Spring 2021 Initial Testing Process

Welcome (back) to campus. When you first arrive to the area, please follow these steps: 

  1. Test at MIT Medical or Johnson Athletic Center upon arrival to Cambridge
  2. Quarantine for 7 days
  3. Test negative again at MIT Medical or Johnson Athletic Center 

This initial testing protocol is required in order to return to campus and is separate from the maintenance testing offered on-site at MIT Sloan. If you cannot complete these testing requirements by your first day of in-person classes, rest assured, you may attend virtually

You may complete your initial testing at MIT Medical or Johnson Athletic Center without an appointment. See here for testing times. 

Ongoing Maintenance Testing Process