A Safe Return to Campus

Testing at MIT Sloan

We recognize that students are receiving an overwhelming amount of information during this critical time as we bring our community together for in-person classes. We at MIT Sloan are doing everything we can to get you the information you need to remain in compliance with evolving policies and guidelines. We deeply appreciate that the MIT Sloan community is trying to follow the rules. Thank you.

Some confusion has arisen as MIT centrally has different approaches for on-campus and off-campus students. At MIT Sloan, because we are bringing more students together on campus with greater frequency, we are aligning our policies with the stricter set of guidelines that apply to students living in on-campus, residential housing, even for MIT Sloan students who live off campus.

This includes testing twice a week, 3-4 days apart, regardless of how often you will be on campus. Notifications from the COVID Pass system may not necessarily assume this twice-per-week cadence, and therefore may be out of sync with our expectations at MIT Sloan. Please make sure you test twice per week regardless of COVID Pass notifications.


In order to access campus buildings for in-person classes, it is critical that you have:

  1. Tested at MIT Medical or Johnson Athletic Center upon arrival to Cambridge
  2. Quarantined 5-7 days
  3. Tested negative again at MIT Medical or Johnson Athletic Center 

This initial testing is required as a baseline to return to campus next week and is independent of the maintenance testing we will be doing on-site at MIT Sloan on a regular schedule once classes begin. If you cannot complete these testing requirements by your first day of in-person classes, rest assured, you may attend virtually. We appreciate your patience as we manage this complex system.

You may complete your testing at MIT Medical or Johnson Athletic Center without an appointment. See here for testing times. 


Thank you for your patience with regard to testing and test scheduling this week. After monitoring the MIT Sloan testing center for the past week, we are adjusting the system to simplify it, make scheduling options more convenient for you, and align our testing cadence with MIT Medical’s testing cadence. As a reminder, the guidelines outlined here are for those students who are attending in-person classes on campus. You may also receive an email about testing from MIT.

Our guiding principle remains unchanged:  On any given day, in the prior seven days (not including the current day) you must have been tested twice, with the two tests at least three days and no more than four apart (e.g. Monday/Thursday, but not Monday/Wednesday). 

If you have not complied with this testing cadence, you will not have access to E51, E52, and E62.

We continue to ask you to schedule two tests each week, via the SloanGroups sign up, at the MIT Sloan testing center. We recommend that you adopt a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule, to ensure that you remain in compliance with the above testing protocol. 


  • We are removing Wednesday and Saturday from the scheduling options given feedback that this cadence does not work for most students.
  • While you are strongly encouraged to use the MIT Sloan testing center, if your schedule makes that difficult, you may use MIT Medical’s testing facilities as a backup option.
  • The COVID Pass app, which you should download to your phone, will reflect your compliance with the testing principle outlined above. If you are off schedule, the app will alert you.
  • If you miss a test and are out of cadence, you will need to take two tests (3-4 days apart) in order to return to MIT Sloan’s buildings.
  • All MIT Sloan students, including first-year MBA students, are now able to select a testing day pair and individual testing times that are convenient to their schedule via SloanGroups.

We appreciate your flexibility over the past week as we have worked to identify a testing center schedule that best matches the needs of the community and aligns with MIT requirements.

Student Maintenance Testing Process