A Safe Return to Campus

Smart + Safe

 MIT has implemented new protocols for building access. They include: 

  • Regular COVID-19 maintenance testing
  • Completing a daily health attestation
  • Attending a mandatory Environment, Health, and Safety training
  • Maintaining appropriate distance from others
  • Wearing an approved face covering while on campus
  • Following all state, local, and MIT COVID-19 policies and guidelines

Together with MIT leadership, the MIT Sloan administration reserves the right to move to fully virtual operations when we deem it to be unsafe to continue to gather in person on campus. Some circumstances that could cause such a decision include, but are not limited to, a marked increase in positive COVID-19 cases among the MIT Sloan population, dishonesty or a lack of full transparency with contact tracers, and evidence of off-campus gatherings that violate local, state, or MIT guidelines.

Individuals who violate MIT policies will be referred to the MIT Committee on Discipline.
Note that as the circumstances of the pandemic evolve, we will all need to be flexible in response to those changing conditions. We join with MIT Medical to monitor our collective health status throughout the year and will communicate any needed adjustments to campus procedures as quickly as possible. More information and updates on COVID-19 at MIT can be found at MIT Medical.

MIT COVID-19 Research Study

MIT is conducting a research study on COVID-19, Surveillance Testing for Novel Corona Virus- 19 On a College Campus, and invites students and faculty who are enrolled in the COVID Pass access system to participate in the study. As of Friday, March 26, vital sign monitoring booths/ kiosks have been installed in E62. The kiosks are semi-enclosed for privacy and are capable of measuring temperature, heart rate and respiration rate in a contactless manner using radio wave reflections and an infrared camera. The participant needs to scan their MIT ID for the measurements to be collected. All the acquired data, including MIT ID numbers, is deidentified and encrypted.

This study is to look at: 

  • The spread of COVID-19 on a college campus, how it relates to living situations, anxiety, and changes in behaviors, such as, social distancing
  • Our ability to detect infections (such as COVID-19) and other immune reactions (such as to vaccinations) before symptoms are apparent

To participate in this study, you will:

  •  Take a weekly survey that includes questions about your health, housing, daily activities, anxiety level, any known exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19 infection
  • Provide a nasal swab sample for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing, weekly and in compliance with MIT back-to-campus requirements. (as part of the campus COVID Pass testing program)

  • Optionally wear a sensor to monitor heart activity and activity levels, and answer a daily survey about symptoms and COVID-19 exposure

For more information about the study or sign up to participate, click here. If you have questions about the study please email covidresearchstudy@mit.edu.

Garmin Smart Watches

Garmin smart watches are now available for pick up. Students who will be taking in-person classes this spring may pick one up beginning March 2nd.  You are not required to take a smart watch, but if you opt to take one, it's expected that you use its functionality to regularly monitor your personal health. If you opt to take one, you may be asked to complete an enhanced daily attestation. If you have your own device, you can also use it instead of the Garmin smart watch.

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