A Nordic Innovation

Study Tours give students the opportunity to explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of business in regions outside the US. Tours are proposed and planned by students, with the guidance of faculty and staff mentors.

Below are the reflections of participants exploring how Scandinavia became a global player in the race to innovate.

Sweden: A+ for Innovation, Failing grade for services

We are flying back to Cambridge from Stockholm today after spending 1 week in the city. We visited beautiful museums, fascinating companies and got to know different parts of the “old” and “new” cities. Stockholm was definitely the most culturally diverse city we visited and certainly came out in front … Read more 

Finland: where innovation used to go to die?

4 days ago, we arrived in Helsinki to a cold, dreary, and Soviet like town. Not judging the book by it’s cover, we explored some of the city’s best restaurants including “Saslik,” which was classic Russian fare with the deep-red tapestries and Russian folk-singers on the side 🙂 (see photo)
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Happiest in the World?

We’ve heard on multiple occasions that Denmark has been rated the happiest country in the world. As our study tour group arrived this past Saturday, we walked around the cold and damp city of Copenhagen, which was eerily silent. The history, the architecture, and the cleanliness of the city are … Read more