China & India Lab 2015

China and India have both become important and integral players in the global economy.

The focus of this course, 15.225 Economy and Business in Modern China and India, is to compare and contrast these two countries by analyzing the decisions and performance of firms in the greater political and economic contexts in which they operate. We invite you to follow along as students blog about their experiences while doing projects on-site at their host companies in China and India.

Kunming Wrap up

A few things have become clear to me since getting back from China. First and foremost, it is going to be hard to live up to the hosting standards set by the MBAs in China. They were spectacular to us the entire time and now that they are coming here at … Read more 

Now that the dust has settled…

I have been back in Boston for almost a week. Now that the dust has settled and my jetlag has subsided (somewhat, anyway!), I have had some time to reflect on my experience. In between the loads of laundry, problem sets, and papers that greeted me upon my … Read more 

Reflecting on my India Lab Experience

Several days have passed since I returned from India as part of the on-site research component for my action-learning course Economy and Business in Modern China and India. I still find my mind escaping to relive the rich experiences that I had, and when asked about the trip by my … Read more 

Final thoughts

Incredible trip. We have to thank Tata for their hospitality and everyone who gave us their time: Tata Trust, SELCO, IDE-I, Micro Energy Credits, Tata Solar, Bandahn, Orb Energy, Pradan, the farmers of Jenasai.
The streets of Kolkata
I’ll remember the warmth and openness of the people, the vibrant colors, the … Read more 

10,000 Women Program

I knew that participating in China Lab would be a fantastic learning experience from the start. I didn’t, however, expect to be working on something so impactful.
The 10,000 women program, sponsored in part by Goldman Sachs, is an incredibly inspiring program. They take women from all over the … Read more 

Final Days looking back at India Lab

In both on-site work and travel throughout India, I am reminded of some material I had been reading and watching prior to leaving. On the last days of the trip visiting Mumbai and finishing work, the works collide.

The sources that inform the adventure were:
1)   Katherine Boo’s … Read more 

Traveling in India

After a first week on the ground in Noida and Delhi the team hit the road to learn about Indian culture, and do research at a different speed.

Our preferred method of travel was trains and “took tooks” – India’s motorized scooter vehicles – not only because they … Read more 

Week 2

The second week in China has flown by and I am now on my way back to Boston. During the past week, my team had the opportunity to meet with and present to ALOG’s Executive President, Franz Pu, as well as other executives at ALOG. Delivering our interim … Read more 


Beyond the strategy and customer-related considerations I have mentioned in past posts, there is something bigger to wrestle with when it comes to initiating a business in a new country. First and foremost, what is our–“our” being the MIT Tata Center team–role? Surely, things will be done in partnership with … Read more 

Welcome to rural India


After visiting the massive cities of Mumbia, Delhi, and Kolkata, we took a train into rural Jharkhand to interview farmers and observe the solar water pump testing sites.
During the monsoon season, the dry landscape will turn into lush, bright green rice fields.
The farmers were generous with their time and … Read more 

Back to where the technology was developed


Conical chimneys protrude from the fields, billowing black plumes into the sky. Red brick, everywhere. Half built structures along the road. Red piles scattered across the landscape. Atop horse-drawn carts, piled precariously on tractors, and stacked along the road.

Our final stop of this trip, we go to where it all began: to the … Read more 

From North to South: Covering India in Our Second Week

Returning to Bangalore after trips to Delhi and Agra was like returning home – the Silicon Valley of India had grown on us, and we looked forward to returning to mild weather and booming business within the residential neighborhood of Jayanagar.
Our team had front-loaded all of our on-site research and … Read more