The experience of a life-time at Jampp

We had been looking forward to the G-lab experience from day 1. It wasn’t just the opportunity to travel and work abroad. There was something thrilling and inspiring about having an immersive work experience in a new place with a new team.

During the expanse of the Fall semester in Cambridge and the 3-week onsite in Buenos Aires, we learned a lot about ourselves, the team, and what it takes to build a successful startup on a global stage. Here are 3 take-aways from the experience:

1. What it takes to scale great tech and product
2. Best practices for working remotely
3. Culture can be your competitive advantage

1. What it takes to scale great tech and product
Jampp, a startup in ad tech, built their competitive advantage using best in-class tech (eg. machine learning, distributed cloud computing) to deliver a great customer experience and ad performance for their customers. It was inspiring to see how a startup in Buenos Aires was able to deliver these services to customers all around the world.

2. Best Practices for working remotely
We started our project with Jampp remotely and coordinated with the leadership team via weekly Skype calls — collaborating using Google Drive and shared documents. Well planned meeting agendas and tracking action items helped us utilize the 30min window we had a week to ask questions and receive critical feedback.

Jampp’s leadership team, situated across 6 different countries and 4 continents, certainly had remote collaboration down to a science. Over time, we learned to better structure our conversations around getting feedback and how to use time offline as effectively as possible.

3. Culture can be your competitive advantage
During our time onsite at Jampp, nothing captivated us more than their work culture. Incredibly smart, dedicated, compassionate, humble and welcoming were impressions we had just on our first day. Over time, we had the opportunity to interact with more of the 50 person team and we were amazed by how prevailing and consistent their culture was.

It was clear that the leadership had spent a lot of time and effort cultivating their culture. They took recruiting seriously. The result was a supportive and fun work environment, great talent acquisition & retention, and happy customers.

We will forever remember the time each of them spent with us as work, after work, and on weekends, sharing their favorite bits of the Buenos Aires with their own rich personal stories. Their warmth and welcome made our G-lab experience exceed all of our wildest expectations.

At the end of 3 weeks, we were Jamppers. And we’ll never forget it.

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