G-Lab 2018

Follow along as MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Lab students blog about their onsite project experiences!

G-Lab students are working with host companies in 14 countries across the globe, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, the Philippines, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

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Fantastic Experience of G-Lab

The actual world is very different from the world in your mind. It is actually more beautiful than you thought. Traveling to technology startup in other countries will open your mind, provide you hands-on knowledge in technology/entrepreneurship, and find your new friendship. If any of above attracts you, you should … Read more 

Adios Santiago!

Last week we wrapped up our G-Lab project with a final presentation to the PolyNatural team. Throughout the past three weeks, we had the opportunity to work very closely with Francisco and his team.  This was instrumental for us to develop an in-depth understanding of the company and its product. It was … Read more 


The G-Lab experience has been very rewarding! Not only did G-Lab allow me to work with and learn from a diverse team, but I was also able to familiarize myself with the Argentine culture.
I have enjoyed working with a diverse team: one of my teammates is from Hong Kong, two … Read more 

Last Week with Megatlon

Our G-Lab adventure has officially come to an end. The past month onsite has gone in a blink of an eye.
The last week has been focused on finalizing our recommendations for Megatlon. Our ultimate deliverables included a refined financial model, an advanced operations model, and a thorough marketing plan for … Read more 

Reflecting on my G-Lab journey

I spent my last week in South America trekking through Patagonia to disconnect from the rest of the world.  Starting in El Chalten, my friends and I hiked to Laguna de Los Tres to see Fitz Roy (the mountain in the Patagonia logo).  After enduring heavy rain and hailstorms, we … Read more 

What an Experience

This G-Lab experience has been both exceptional and challenging. Our client treated us well and made sure we had access to parts of the company we needed to complete our work. I learned about food manufacturing and distribution, the infrastructure challenges of running a distribution company in Indonesia, and how … Read more 

G-Lab 2018, a Mosaic

Team Conexia 2018 has concluded its on-site in Buenos Aires. What a trip it was. We laughed, we (the author) cried, we journeyed east and west, we careened through the stretch zone/panic zone barrier at breakneck speed on a daily basis, we enjoyed an abundance of delicious and reasonably priced … Read more 

Of nectarine and choripan

It is quite hard to believe that we already finished our second week with PolyNatural.
This past week, our G-Lab team had the honor of attending an MIT Chile event, where we met with Chilean MIT alumni, catch up with our sister G-Lab team here in Chile, and meet newly admitted … Read more 

Week Tres in Chile: Hasta Luego, Santiago…

And just like that our G-Lab project with Destacame had come to an end. After spending the last week heads down working on our key deliverables (designing customer segments, analyzing business models, creating execution workflows and building a financial model), we said our goodbyes to the team and to Santiago … Read more 

A Final Week; A Penultimate Post

The third week of our on-site in Buenos Aires bore some of our most thrilling victories and crushing defeats. So begins our penultimate post.
It began with a trip to Mendoza, Argentina’s famous wine country. We got an Airbnb in the central part of the city and used that as a … Read more 

Adios Seville – Back to the Real World

It’s cold in Boston. And I don’t just mean with the weather. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you develop a bond with people who are more than just co-workers. Although I’m excited to be back at school, the past few months in G-Lab have been a great ride … Read more 

The Homestretch

The third and final week is upon us. Time flies when you’re having fun. This week is a mix of emotions, mostly because we have to leave but also because the pressure is on to deliver an insightful and actionable solution to the Glamping Hub executives. Our final presentation covered … Read more