G-Lab 2019

Follow along as MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Lab students blog about their onsite project experiences!

This year, G-Lab students are working with host companies in these countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, and Vietnam.

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Goodbye Indonesia.  Hello World. 

When we set out, our only expectations were super long commutes, heat, and humidity.  We have learned so much more in the process.  We got a dose of living in the fourth most populous country in the world, learned about the hospitality of the Indonesian people, gained exposure to the … Read more 

The Home Stretch

“Good work – and thank you for suggesting our next G-lab project!” We were thankful to hear this feedback from our host team’s CEO after we reviewed our final presentation with him. As the three-week on-site period winds to a close, we are happy that our work on PT Sukanda … Read more 

Going to Gemba (and having fun!)

Immediately after our plant visit to Banjarmasin, we flew to Denpasar (Bali) for our second plant visit. As our forecasting process involved multiple stakeholders, from the head office in Jakarta to the 21 distribution branches across Indonesia, it was essential to visit several of the sites in person to understand … Read more 

Keep Calm, SAP is Coming

…and all of a sudden, we were swarmed by ladies in boats! This was just one of the adventures that we’ve had in our first week with our G-lab host team, Sukanda Djaya. 
The first week of our … Read more 

Error: open cargo door

D’oh! In our version of the Amazing Race, the four of us are hopping around Southeast Asia and meeting up along the way on our quest to Indonesia. Tragedy struck early when one of our team members missed a connection right off the bat.
Hi! We are Lili, Yucen, Jane and … Read more