Goodbye Indonesia.  Hello World. 

When we set out, our only expectations were super long commutes, heat, and humidity.  We have learned so much more in the process.  We got a dose of living in the fourth most populous country in the world, learned about the hospitality of the Indonesian people, gained exposure to the incredible diversity within Indonesia on our gemba trips, and got a taste of the scale and speed of innovation happening right now.

At work, we acclimated to a people first workplace where there was a lot of laughter and engagement in meetings.  We sampled the SKD ice cream -often- and saw some of SKD’s extensive operations all over Indonesia.  We had downtime as well to reflect on ourselves and experience the different cultures.

The postmortem on our project is that the solutions we proposed were not the most sophisticated but still provide a significant performance improvement over SKD’s existing processes.  The most challenging but rewarding part of the project was educating and getting stakeholder buy in on the new processes.  Based on how far SKD has taken previous years’ G-Lab recommendations, we firmly believe they will incorporate some of our recommendations to their forecasting process, own it, and derive benefits from the changes.  That thought alone comforts us as we say goodbye to Indonesia.

For the grand finale of our edition of the Amazing Race, we stopped in Taipei, Taiwan to hit the street markets and appreciate some art.   One of the most incredible benefits of this G-Lab experience is how close our team has become over the past three plus weeks.  We’ve learned so much about one another, challenged each other, and had heart to heart talks about the future.  We look forward to the spring semester and will always look fondly back on our time working together at Sukanda Djaya. 

final day at SKD with our project champion Phil Chen.

The incredible team!

With the forecasting stakeholders after our final presentation.

Writing down our hopes and dream in Taipei.

Final (Sukanda Djaya) ice cream run!!

Team signing off from Taipei!

Thank you for reading and following our journey.

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