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Final Thoughts

One week after returning from our tour, I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 MIT Africa Innovate Conference. During the conference, while I was listening to many entrepreneurs and business people talking about the challenges to innovate in Africa, I could realize some of the life lessons and impacts … Read more 

The many Africas and Brazil

A significant part of Brazil history and formation as a nation is related to Africa. I am from Brazil and while visiting many different countries in Africa I had the opportunity to understand part of the history of the country I was born.
Our “Brazilian” Portuguese has a large influence of … Read more 

Rwanda – Hope and Eternal Vigilance

Hope and Eternal Vigilance
Visiting Kigali was a remarkable experience. It was an impressive opportunity to see how economic indicators are a very opaque translation to describe how life is its daily small routine.
With roughly half of the GDP per capita of its neighbor country Tanzania, life in Kigali is simple … Read more 

Big Small World

One of my main reasons to pursue a MBA was the opportunity to meet very diverse and smart people, people with the potential to have a really meaningful impact in the world. In addition to that, there was a desire to discover new places.
So I have met these brilliant people that … Read more