Author: Arno

4. Returning from South Africa, Rwanda, and Tanzania – overall trends

Having now returned and settled back to life in Boston I’ve been reflecting on the various visits we had with corporations, investors, government agencies, social enterprises, and consultants in South Africa, Rwanda, and Tanzania. While they all brought very different perspectives and the three nations are at very different stages, … Read more 

Unequaled natural beauty

The study tour ended with a visit to the Serengeti and Ngorogoro, two outstanding natural parks, both with landscapes and wildlife unlike anything else I have seen – and the wildlife kept coming and coming. Words certainly can’t describe the wonders that we saw; here are just a few of … Read more 

Reunited with old friends

I was very glad when a few months before we departed it was announced that we would visit Tanzania instead of Kenya on our study tour. We were heading to Dar es Salaam, a city of over four million people and a key port in East Africa. Why was I … Read more 

On my way to Cape Town

I’ve just woken up amidst the noise of a lunch cart coming down the aisle with offers of chicken and lamb. I’m still about three hours away from Cape Town. 10,000m below lies an immense green unknown, with rough mountains and scattered small towns. We are flying over a continent … Read more