Author: Averilspencer

Tanzania Time

The final leg of the trip was spent in Dar es Salaam, which seemed to be the most underdeveloped country we visited. Johannesburg, South Africa is like being in a large European city. Kigali, Rwanda is not as developed but it is clean and has new buildings and good roads. … Read more 

Development in Rwanda

Overall, Rwanda was my favorite country due to it’s beauty, people, and companies we visited. On Saturday, we met with Etienne from Root Capital and were taken to a remote village to see coffee farming and production. Root Capital provides loans to small and medium enterprises working mostly in agriculture … Read more 

Rising from the Ashes: South Africa and Rwanda move forward

Two of the three countries we visited are recovering from horrific events in their pasts. Rwanda is a country slowly knitting itself together in the aftermath of the genocide that took place in the mid 1990s and South Africa is coming together as the “rainbow” country after apartheid.
In each of … Read more 

Leading a Study Tour

Planning the Africa Study Tour will be one of the highlights of my time at Sloan. It was incredibly unique experience to not only develop an academic curriculum but also then combine it with an action-learning piece. One of my big goals in business school was to better understand the … Read more