Author: Brigham Wilson

Looking Backwards: 04-03

I am very grateful for the experiences of the last two weeks. Thank you to my fellow organizers, my classmates, and our professor and student life coach. I am most satisfied by how the whole trip came together.
We had such an amazing variety of company visits and experiences. From urban … Read more 


As soon as we got to Kigali, Rwanda, we had to split into two minibuses. It was an arbitrary division, with half of the students on each. I immediately thought, “let’s think of a name for our bus, make a sign, and be a group.” My natural reaction to physical … Read more 

Same Questions, Same Issues

On this trip I expected to encounter unique challenges, different pasts, and special circumstances. Instead, I keep finding similarities.
As I walked around the Apartheid museum in Joburg, I kept wondering – why does this feel like Yad Vashem? Why do I feel the same way as I did after watching … Read more 

Worry Less and Worry More

It is hard to believe that with a small Facebook post on October 2nd, Averil started what has now become the Africa Study Tour: 28 people, 3 countries, 2 weeks! With Irene and Jarbas focusing on curriculum under Roberta’s watchful eye, we’ve had four amazing class sessions: the speakers have … Read more